Best present ever

Open your heart and let the sun shine in!

Healing begins when energy shifts.


Visualize the sun’s light shining into your chest and heart.

Relaxing while you fill your chest with light

Do this slowly 5 – 10 times.

Energy shifts the stuck or overwhelmed feelings.

The light and your breath can help unwind the pain.


Suggestion: Begin and end your day with this practice and let me know what is happening.  Stay well and safe.


Little Steps bring Success!

Step 1. Little Steps bring Success

The stress from physical and emotional pain and fatigue can cause anxiety, confusion, and social isolation. Chronic deep muscle pain or fear can decrease activity and lead to depression. Anxiety, fear, and depression often block even the desire to change.

Besides the physical and emotional challenges to recovering your energy and happiness, it can significantly interfere with the way you manage your activities at home or at work.

So take the first baby steps to free yourself by contacting Mary Wolken, Ph.D., today for your complimentary introductory session.


Baby your feet & feel born again.
Divide and Conquer Painful Pressure




Decrease your confusion and stress

  1. Put 1 open hand palm side down on
    the area right below your Xyphoid process ( solar plexus or CV14) then
  2.  Place your other hand palm down on the area below your navel (CV 4) halfway between your navel and pubic bone
  3.  Breathe deeply 5 times and relax your entire body
  4. Then finish by resting 1 hand on top of the head
  5. Put the other palm side down below your belly button.
  6. .  Breathe deeply 5  times
  7. Return to work breathing more freely and calmly.
Happy and present

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Healthy Living Center Services

Working together to help you recover from crises for 50 years.

Specializing in Trauma, TBI, learning challenges recovery using natural gentle therapies

Primary reasons for using Natural Therapies:

  1. Homeopathy and Acupressure (kinesiology) to access and reset energetic imbalances.

Stabilize the physical body by decreasing pain and stress while creating a calm mind, body, and energy.

2.  Using emotional release techniques, counseling, laser light, neuro-kinesiology, proper food, and supplements to support recovery and homeopathy to balance the trauma, while decreasing the pain.

Improve memory, motor skills, speech, and movement

3. Goal: return YOU to health:  physically, mentally, and emotionally as rapidly and gently as possible.:

When you freeze emotionally do this

When you feel yourself emotionally shutting down remember

This is usually caused by “old stuff”.

Everyone has some. Some are hidden.

How do I tackle my “stuff”? It is possible.

Stuff is old things, situations,  peoples’ behavior toward us, and our reactions to their misbehavior.

Stuff may include old genetic (family) patterns inherited or acquired living with others or food-eating tendencies.

This old hidden stuff depresses your health and happiness and reduces your success and energy.

Step One 

When you see or feel yourself closing down like this beautiful little girl in the picture above


**Sit down in a safe space and breathe deeply and slowly from your belly.**

**Slowly rub your belly in a circle from right to left.**

**Stay focused on rubbing the belly, breathing slowly and deeply**

**until your muscles relax and your body and mind calms.**

Mary Wolken  PhD.

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