Do Ancient Traumas hold you back today?

What is  A. T.?

Ancient Traumas (A.T.) are crises we or our relatives or nation has experienced that have left impressions in our deeper consciousness. The effects of these overwhelming, painful events, abuses or accidents are imprinted in some area or areas within our body, emotions, fascial, organ, vagal and energy systems.

How is that possible?                                                                                                   

Our genetic heritage affects our eye color, food preferences, body health, emotional tendencies, and more, but a person’s reactions to ancient crises can still affect you hundreds of years later.

How can your health today be improved by becoming aware and decreasing gently the ancient crises of lifetimes ago? The subtle effects of traumas are alive and affecting your health, moods, may be the unseen roots of chronic illnesses, behaviors, learning abilities, success or lack of it, sleep, digestion, vision etc…

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**November 17, 2021 at 11:30 AM MST.   Replay will be available.

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