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A Gentle nudge to reducing “cabin fever”

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May 8, 2020

Simply play the Solomon frequencies video (below) and feel the difference to your body, mind & spirit.


Go from this …

Gentle and powerful to reduce stress


To this:  calm and clear Click here.


Feeling imprisoned & overwhelmed by your challenges now?

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May 1, 2020

Feeling like you are imprisoned during these challenging times?         

 Overloaded – overwhelmed with all your added responsibilities?

Do the unexpected new demands on you as a parent, health care providers or vital service industry workers, educators are facing, now is entirely different from the emotions they were experiencing before the pandemic. But are they the same?

The top five emotions were frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, tired, and happy. The primary source of their frustration and stress pertained to not feeling supported by their administration around challenges related to meeting all of their students’ learning needs, high-stakes testing, an ever-changing curriculum, and work-life balance.

Research findings across the country show that our parents, teachers, health workers, and vital services providers are developing more overwhelm and burn out stress and burnout.  The longer this crisis goes the deeper the overload leading to more frustration and depression.

How can this be changed?  Relief step 1

First of all, thanks for all you are doing.

Second, simply take a moment as many times a day as you need to stay in the moment.

Raise your eyes slightly and bring the first 3 fingers on one of your hands gently together and breathe deeply from your belly.  

Repeat I have everything I need at this moment and I’m grateful.

Repeat frequently throughout the day and night and please report your results here to encourage others.

Together we can

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March 22, 2020

Together we have the power to beat this Covid-19.

Today, the World Health Organization has said this virus has spread around the world.

Take this pledge with me and pass on this AVAAZ link to increase awareness.

Thanks and best of health to us all.


Take good care of yourself.

*Eat quality foods and sleep well.

* Wash your hands well.

*Don’t touch your face after touching other surfaces.

*Avoid attending large groups or unless needed.

Relax and breathe

The Brain’s Switches and Glitches – A Gift for You

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February 7, 2020

Harmony  and deep relaxed breath

Overcoming your glitches and resetting your switches can help you gain more health and energy while you relax.
The most effective smooth working connections between your brain, heart and gut keep the most precious computer system in the world functioning harmoniously. How can you do it?

If you would like to get a little taste of how to do this, you can sign up for a free “Tips to reduce your brain glitches and quick effective resets for your body/ mind’s many reset your health switches. 

Plus 1/2 an hour session to get some deeper direction to help you personally and gently reduce  anxiety, pain and any trauma.

Please contact me directly and the opportunity to unwind and reduce your overload. 

Use the link at the right of this screen to begin to free yourself from your glitches and experience how to switch on your deeper peace and relaxation.

Make today the best Day Ever for You..

It’s 2020! Free your genius from anxiety & trauma

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January 1, 2020

Are you or a loved one Lost

in the fog of anxiety and trauma?

Signs of living in “the fog”

1. Anticipatory Fear/ Anxiety

Normally being in a new situation, meeting new people or speaking in front of a group can produce “butterflies in the stomach, cold feet, sweating, dry mouth or muscle switching…

Why?? These body signals can be annoying -for some especially after trauma, TBI or life-changing illness. The fear and anxiety can be debilitating and cause the mind to shut down and the person to react and shut down or overreact in the moment.

2. Overwhelm & Confusion

If you feel overwhelmed by the suddenness of an event, the fight or flight energy of the body takes over. A person quits thinking calmly and rationally and tries to survive the confusion and fear by fleeing, hiding, fighting or attempting to placate their abuser or making excuses for forgetting, having memory laps… Usually, the ability to share feels and thoughts is avoided or swallowed to get physical support and help.

3. Over the long haul

After the initial crisis or accident passes and some of the external  wounds  go away, the emotional wounds remain hidden in the fascial tissues of the body and nervous system, and psyche awaiting a later time to be expressed, but never forgotten.
The problem is these deep-seated wounds don’t go away, but leave open sores that never heal without help.

How does this happen?
The body and brain have organized communication systems that catalog all our experiences and sort these happenings as sensitive impressions in the brain and other part of the body.

Example: If I was driving my car through a 4 way intersection and got hit by an out of control motorcycle, I would naturally be more cautious at that intersection or around motorcyhcles the next time I am driving.

I would unconsciously become more vigilant, my pulse may race, etc. These responses seem confusing, but they are a normal reaction to previous trauma.
How to begin to release this stressor: 

Sign up for the weekly “Tip a Week here” :

 Simply rub the area under your nose above your upper lip slowly while breathing deeply through your nosr and slowly through your mouth. Feel your belly decrease in  size your belly muscles contract.

**If this helps you after your practiced daily for 1 week send me your comments and experiences -it can encourtage others.  Thanks!

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