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Mary Wolken Ph.D.                  (  Intro.radio interview with Mary  )
H.L.C. Trauma & Pain Relief Systems.What clients are saying

“I too have struggled through traumatic pain both old family issues and then a series of accidents and surgeries while I was a full-time working parent. I have learned to unwind that trauma and feel more energy and less pain and anxiety using these techniques and therapies.” M.Wolken PhD

*Gain more emotional and physical pain relief from the first session.

Mary personally, and gently helps you reset emotional, physical and mental stress and trauma through acupressure, homeopathy, nutritional support, and counseling.” JB

“Calming and positive changes happens from the first visit with Mary. My memory, vision, reading speed and comprehension, movement, writing skill, and hearing have improved through her neural re-patterning work.” – J.W.V

Support for the entire family

“Mary also works with the family to decrease caretaker stress. Services provided in the office, community-based or specific services by phone. Mary cares for my young children, and the adults as well.”PG

“HLC approach is deeply relaxing, fast, effective and gentle.” – DC

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Healthy Living Center Services

Serving those in trauma or a health-related crisis and their families for 30 years.

Specializing in Trauma and TBI recovery using natural therapies

Primary Natural Therapies and reasons for their use

  1. Homeopathy and Acupressure to understand the energetic imbalances present.

Establish a healthy mind, body, and spirit using

2. laser light, neuro-kinesiology, and homeopathy to balance the trauma,

while decreasing the pain

Improve memory, motor skills, speech and movement

Goal: return the person to health physically, mentally and emotionally as rapidly as possible.


Mary Wolken Ph.D. Practitioner and Director of HLC

Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ 85711

P-520 323 6291

EM: mary.healthylivingcenter@gmail.com

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