Use light to reduce your stress and pains

All your cells communicate with frequencies of lightwaves.

Neuro -Fast Kinesiology releases deep trauma and stress - calms and quickly restores energy.

Get over the exhaustion – out of pain – free yourself from mental glitches. How?

Use the Neuro-Fast method.  Special light frequencies, homeopathy, Acu. or neural patches to create the best environment for your body to relax and heal.

Then you’ll be able to

    • love what you do again.
    • get up energized and grateful after a deep sleep?
    • recover your creativity.
    • Free yourself from pain and learning challenges.
    • having fun at work and with those you love?

Having the brain, emotions, and movement functioning well are essential to learning. When the whole brain and nervous system are communicating effectively learning and movement improve school and life get easier and more fun.

Methods used to heal

Neuro-fast-kinesiology combined with homeopathy and other energy medicines can gently reset the brain and body, so stress and pain are released. This allows a normal flow of thoughts, sensory input, motor movement, and interaction to flow in and create new patterns of learning and behaving.

In an NF Kinesiology session in person or remotely can help the brain and body de-stress. It increases the body’s ability to heal naturally.

By working with homeopathy, the acupuncture meridian flows and relieving fascial stress from the brain, body, and emotional fields simultaneously, you are quickly decreasing trauma and pain. The process re-educated the body’s nervous system pathways to improve learning, movement, and decrease in pain.

Seriously, what can you lose,

but your frustration, boredom, and pain?

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*  Mary has about 50 years of experience working with professional women and families

to improve their sleep, the joy of serving others, decrease their pain and anxiety and improve their children’s learning and memory.






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