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yawningAndrew Gallup, now at the State University of New York at Oneonta, was first inspired by the idea during his undergraduate degree when he realized that stretching and yawning might help to chill the brain and stop it from overheating. The strong gaping movement of the jaws forces blood to flow around the skull, helping defuse excess heat. Then inhaling cool air into the sinus cavities sends oxygen around the carotid artery leading back into the brain. These movements may flex the membranes of the sinuses – fanning a soft breeze through the holes that should cause our mucus to evaporate, thus chilling the head like air conditioning.

When you yawn and place your hands or fists on your jaw, it aids the relaxation of the muscle fascia and allows the tissues especially the upper body to relax.

Stress can cause physical and emotional pain lessen your drive and joy. The urge to yawn increases, acting like Mother Nature’s Natural Relief. Yawning when in pain or stressed will help the brain and emotional body find a solution.

Try taking a stretch and yawning break and watch the brain fog clear and your energy improve.  The pain decreases as you regularly practice .


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