Early childhood trauma and attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are two separate issues that often can be linked. Trauma in childhood can have a significant impact on a child’s development, including their ability to focus and regulate their emotions. This can potentially lead to symptoms that are similar to ADD/ADHD.

Reducing childhood trauma is a complex issue that requires a multi-faceted approach. Prevention efforts include increasing public awareness and education about the impact of trauma on children, promoting safe and stable home environments, and providing support for families who may be experiencing stressors such as poverty, abuse, or mental illness.

For children who have already experienced trauma, early intervention and appropriate treatment can help mitigate the negative effects on their development and their live long success and happiness. This can include the traditional therapies, counseling, and other mental health services that address both the emotional and behavioral consequences of trauma.

More importantly the need to accept that these physical, emotional, and neural challenges need to be addressed in a more holistic and going ways.

In terms of ADD/ADHD, early diagnosis and treatment may help mitigate the impact of symptoms on a child’s life, but not cure it. This can include medication, behavioral therapy, and accommodations in the classroom setting.

However critical bio energetic therapies like homeopathy, neuro-emotional kinesiology, nutritional, light therapies, acupressure, and specific neuro- reset exercises should be used daily.

It’s important to note that not all children with ADD/ADHD have experienced trauma, and not all children who have experienced trauma will develop ADD/ADHD. However, reducing childhood trauma can have a positive impact on a child’s overall mental health and well-being, which can potentially improve their ability to focus and regulate their behavior and help each child reach their potential.

Remember there are no match pills that will fix the effects of childhood trauma, but there are many caring and effective ways to improve life for both parents and children who have been traumatized or have ADD or ADHD.



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