“Pain in the neck?”

Your body has 2 main systems to warn

you something is out of balance.

Lady Talking On Her Mobile Phone




1.  Our fight or flight system driven by the body’s reaction to a challenging situation.

2. Our early warning system driven by our heart and  intuition our internal guidance system.

When the neck is put in an unnatural position for extended periods of time day and night, the body’s communication warning systems are activated.

Signs tight muscles, kink in the neck, sometimes  the vision maybe strained, digestion maybe off and this chronic tight neck can lead to curving the vertebrae and /or hunching of the back.

It’s time to change the position you hold the phone in often during a conversation or put it on speaker phone.

Do some deep breathing and stretches that stretch the entire train of muscles from the neck through your toes.

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Secret 2: “Avoid being a multitasking Deva”

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If you answered “Yes” to the questions above then you are a multitasking deva (“devo”)

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