Old wounds +perspective = success

Wounds of the Super HeroWhat is a wound?
A wound is an emotional and  or a physical imbalance that can influence how to think, speak and feel – even if we succeed.
How do you know if you are carrying such wounds? There are often physical and emotional clues to their existence.

The most eye-opening experience I’ve ever had to the generation influence for our health and business happened many years ago at a family reunion. I observed three generations on my Mom’s side of the family through a homeopathic perspective. As a homeopath I’ve been trained to seek out roots of physical and emotional imbalances by observing how people think, act and at what age dis-eases fully manifested. My family showed me how different health and emotional challenges came into play in my family. Our attitudes and traumas and environment, also  affect our health and success.

My own success and how I grow or struggle  both personally and health wise are an influence, but not the determining factor of my happiness and my impact on the world.  It is important to know your roots so you can grow up an aware, confident, leading with your heart’s light not your emotional/physical wound heritage.

Suggestion: Use your Conscious breathing is relieve the pressures from the past.







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