Why am I so confused?
when pain seems too much

Immediately after an accident or being a victim of chilhood abuse or trauma, the normal thinking brain of the person traumatized retreats into crisis or survival mode. What does this mean?

When someone feels overwhelmed by the suddenness of an event, the fight or flight energy of the body takes over. A person quits thinking calmly and rationally and tries to survive by confusion, fleeing, hiding, fighting or attempting to placate their abuser. Usually, the ability to share feels and thoughts is avoided or swallowed to get physical support or help.

After the initial crisis passes and physical help has helped the body’s pain and wounds to go away, the emotional wounds remain hidden thin the tissues and psyche awaiting a later time to be resolved but never forgotten.

The problem is these deep seated wounds don’t go away, but leave open sores that never heal without help. Why does this happen?

The body and brain are like a computerized system that catalogs all our experiences and sorts these happenings as memories in the brain and part of the body. Example: If I was driving my car and got hit by an out of control motorcycle, I would naturally be more cautious at that intersection the next time I am driving in that location. I become more vigilant, my pulse may race, etc. These responses seem confusing, but they are a normal reaction to previous trauma.

You can decrease this confusion by simply rubbing the area under your nose above your lip slowly while breathing deeply and slowly through your belly area.

Let me know how this techniques work for you. Namaste

Releasing Trauma
Tired of not being yourself 
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Resetting shock to relieved trauma

Your body is made up of layers of energy. They are arranged in the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and sub-levels of neurochemical and electro-chemical messaging systems. They are function together like a well-designed computer system.

Any sudden dramatic change to the body’s energy systems can cause the physical and emotional from a sudden car accident, unexpected death of a loved one, surgery, becoming a victim of a violent crime or abuse or war. Sudden illness or crisis can cause immediate changes and sometimes hard to understand shifts.

These shifts can be seen in moodiness, energy drain, overreacting, inability to think clearly or process normally, lack of concentration, memory loss, sleeplessness, pain shifts, inability to cope with daily challenges and changes in how much we eat etc.

How can you help yourself and your children after you have survived a life-changing traumatic event?

All of these changes both seen and internal are normal responses to a life-changing event.  Do you have to suffer and put up or simply endure the suffering and pain for the rest of your life and simply suck it up and try to move on?  NO NO NO!!!

First, See you doctor and get the medical attention needed. Then step by step learn to reduce the anxiety, stress and pain. The shock of trauma both physical and emotional can continue to deepen or get in the way of the brain, memory and body systems functioning and reacting normally.

To remove the lingering effects of shock and trauma from your body systems explore the many ways natural health care can aid recovery?   

Join the hands-on mentoring program as a founding member today at $10 for a 3 months membership. Join today and begin to relax and get relief for your anxiety, TBI and trauma.       

95 yrs and Rockin it

Ellsworth Wareham a retired as a cardiothoracic surgeon at the age of 74, but continued to assist with training residents at the Loma Linda University until the age of 95 years young. Wareham was one of the earliest practitioners of open heart surgery. He moves around his multi-storied house easily, walks without a cane, gardens and drives safely. He attributes is excellent mental and physical health (without pain) to a vegan diet about fifty years ago. Wareham is a Seventh-day Adventist and a WWII veteran.

Wareham’s home town Loma Linda is the USA’s only area where the longevity is appreciably higher than the national average and one of the four places in the world to have a  proportion of humans live past 100 years.

God bless you!

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