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Communication – Beyond Words

it takes a tean effort to succeedThanks for signing up here for  my free

“Communication – beyond words”.

Class begins this Wednesday March 18, 2015

Time 5 to 7 PM online or you can reach it by phone.

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Shake your bootie!

It is so important to get out of your chair and shake your body about.

On “Relaxation Island Experiences” we are going to just do it now.

Take a few minutes and move your arms, legs, neck, back and of course your bootie about!  Do it gently please!


Credits:   Thanks to Youtube and Carlos Arnoletto for this video.


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Stop living on an emotional roller coaster?

Stop the excuses.  You can get of the roller coaster of your life and enjoy the ride.

Learn the secret to creating more confidence and the most happy healthy solutions.business_110008016-012914-int

Daily, the scientific communities are sharing with us how they are better able to create

solutions for complex issues in health and technology we only dreamed about in years past.

This skill could change your life forever -if you give it a try.


Sign up here for the webinar replay.


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Top 8 Tips 4 Medical Students to get Rid of Stress in The Exam Nights

Hey Guys, Howz u all……  hmm…so here are some of the tips that i want to share with you about how you can get rid of exam anxiety, well we are medicos …and are well adapted to stress in daily life but it really increases when exams approaches… hope…

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