95 yrs and Rockin it

Ellsworth Wareham a retired as a cardiothoracic surgeon at the age of 74, but continued to assist with training residents at the Loma Linda University until the age of 95 years young. Wareham was one of the earliest practitioners of open heart surgery. He moves around his multi-storied house easily, walks without a cane, gardens and drives safely. He attributes is excellent mental and physical health (without pain) to a vegan diet about fifty years ago. Wareham is a Seventh-day Adventist and a WWII veteran.

Wareham’s home town Loma Linda is the USA’s only area where the longevity is appreciably higher than the national average and one of the four places in the world to have a  proportion of humans live past 100 years.

God bless you!

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Shake your bootie!

It is so important to get out of your chair and shake your body about.

On “Relaxation Island Experiences” we are going to just do it now.

Take a few minutes and move your arms, legs, neck, back and of course your bootie about!  Do it gently please!


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