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Get “Unstuck!”

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September 30, 2019
Getting Unstuck from Trauma

Did you know that Sitting or Thinking the same repetitive thoughts can cause a host of body, mind and emotional

Recent research studies support findings that repetitive thoughts and actions or in-actions can decrease the quality of our health. and possible longevity. In a 3 month series beginning Thursday, October 10 at 5 PM PST, we will explore why repetitive actions and thoughts are causing a rise in physical, emotional and mental attitudes and behaviors that are unhealthy and counterproductive

You can free yourself“Get Unstuck!”

Be happier this holiday season!

In monthly sessions, you will learn a variety of ways to undo being stuck in pain and trauma. These how-to methods are easy to learn and with practice, you will being to gain the energy to enjoy living, moving freely with less pain and be calmer and happier.

I will be available by email, phone or Skype if you get stuck or have a question.

Your cost only $47 for 3 months!. It is a priceless gift to yourself that keeps on giving long after the holidays are past. If you cannot make a session then it will be available on replay so you won’t lose out and will keep moving forward.

Sign up here to join the “Unstuck !” You will receive free downloadable guides to reset your body, mind and energy for health and freedom from pain, anxiety and confusion. Don’t settle for a life ruled by the effects of “Being Stuck”.

This is a private group. We will meet online on the second Weds. of each month at 5 PM PST. It starts on October 9, 2019. Click here to get Unstuck.

Rebuilding after trauma

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August 6, 2019

We face many challenges throughout our lives some planned and others a surprise,

it’s how we overcome those challenges that shapes the success we achieve in life.  

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the scariest challenges we will face in our life. Whether it was a sudden death comes out of nowhere or from childhood trauma or an accident or group trauma, these overwhelming life-changing experiences must be gentle cared for – NOT IGNORED to heal.

Treating TBI injury on every level, recovery is possible. Recovery is like building a house, start with a solid foundation – reduce the effects of the shock and trauma in the brain and body. Then individualize the foods that will nourish and build more neural connections to improve communication of the brain with the body and finally, the right roof – work to rewire the motor and emotional patterns that have slowed the recovery process.

I am no stranger to TBI’s after suffering an almost life-changing car accidents; I fought to overcome the challenges of that accident. Knowing the struggles, I would like to help you rebuild your “house” and supporting your families through the process. -Mary Wolken PhD trauma specialist

Ready to get moving on your recovery? Click here.

Improve your Brain + Decrease Pain

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December 20, 2016

Learn to improve your brain and decrease pain

Be Free -Rebecca Bell Massoud‎DARE TO SHINE! Free Presentation for Women Entrepreneurs12985612_10154022334854019_1228357111976261317_n

Click to join Beyond Pain- Mastering Energy 1 webinar

Your brain is the seat of pain management and learning.

Your body is the library that stores are how we emotionally react in a crisis.

Beginning Jan. 10. 2017 at 5:30 PM PST. Mary Wolken coach and stress relief specialist will introduce you to the secrets of the:

Wolken Pain Relief System.

It can help you:

to respond calmly and quickly in a crisis situation
• Improve effective communication skills?
• Speed recovery time

 Beyond Pain- Mastering Energy 1 webinar

Stuck in your story ?

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October 28, 2016

Stuck in your story?

Do you let an old painful event hold you back?


sea shells on the sandy beach

Stuck in the muck?

Research has shown that no matter how good our memory is.  It isn’t strong enough to recall old events or trauma in full detail. So what are we actually remembering?  More important when we think about or tell some one about what happened, the brain edits the original event slightly with each time it is retold.

Think about that for a minute.

Each time it’s remembered our brain and our emotional attachment to the event grows stronger connections between brain cells called neurons. These circuitry get embedded in our brain cells through repetition.

According to Karim Nader PhD, a neuroscientist at McGill University in Montreal says “it  maybe impossible for humans or any other animal to bring a memory to mind without altering it in some way”1.

So what we recall, plus or minus a slight change, our story is born. The  “story” can create excuses for doing or not doing something.  Pain or emotional overload can become the roots of a deeply hidden driver behind the pain story. Often times, the more often we think about the pain the story deepens so does the pain.

Free yourself from pain’s old story

Thanks to smithsonianmag.com/science-nature

Beyond Mindfulness Training Intro

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March 15, 2016

superman-logo-012I met some SUPER teachers and staff including Ms Jennifer Ambrosio principal of Bonillas Basic Curriculum Magnet School in Tucson Unified School District and Sarah Niegocki special ed. teacher on Weds. March 9.


Thanks so much for letting me have such a heart felt fun experience sharing “Beyond Mindfulness” with the staff and you at our in service on March 9. Everyone joined in and I can hardly wait to return to share more fun ways to tune in, turn down the stress and encourage all of us to be more creative and successful in school and life. Thanks so much.

Would love to invite other Tucson Schools to host “Beyond Mindfulness” and explore the development of an ongoing program for next year.  M.Wolken PhD

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