Life after trauma – Rebuilding for a better today

We face many challenges throughout our lives; some planned and others a surprise,

it’s how we overcome those challenges that shape the success we achieve in life.  

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the scariest challenges we will face. Whether it was a sudden death that comes out of nowhere or from childhood trauma, an accident, or group trauma, these overwhelming life-changing experiences must be gently cared for – NOT IGNORED if you want to heal.


I am no stranger to TBIs after suffering an almost life-changing car accident. I fought to overcome the challenges of those accidents. Knowing the struggles, I would like to help you rebuild your “house” by decreasing the stress on the body’s dynamic and vagal nerve systems.

-Mary Wolken Ph.D. Learning and trauma specialist

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About mwolken

Mary Wolken, PhD. is the Director of the Healthy Living Center and is the inspiration behind Wolken Pain Relief System. Mary quickly helps you release pain and stress patterns without drugs. She was the first complementary medicine therapist on the Brain and Spinal Cord School Assessment Team for Southern, AZ USA as a rehabilitation provider. 

Mary Wolken is a highly accurate intuitive, motivational speaker and therapist. As an educator , neuro-emotional kinesiologist, homeopath, and cell researcher.
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