Rebuilding after trauma

We face many challenges throughout our lives some planned and others a surprise,

it’s how we overcome those challenges that shapes the success we achieve in life.  

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the scariest challenges we will face in our life. Whether it was a sudden death comes out of nowhere or from childhood trauma or an accident or group trauma, these overwhelming life-changing experiences must be gentle cared for – NOT IGNORED to heal.

Treating TBI injury on every level, recovery is possible. Recovery is like building a house, start with a solid foundation – reduce the effects of the shock and trauma in the brain and body. Then individualize the foods that will nourish and build more neural connections to improve communication of the brain with the body and finally, the right roof – work to rewire the motor and emotional patterns that have slowed the recovery process.

I am no stranger to TBI’s after suffering an almost life-changing car accidents; I fought to overcome the challenges of that accident. Knowing the struggles, I would like to help you rebuild your “house” and supporting your families through the process. -Mary Wolken PhD trauma specialist

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