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“Do you want success? Learn to consciously cooperate with health”

Fifty trillion cell make up our body your health is at an optimum when you are entrained for success. You can create your ultimate health and success by creating the environment of cooperation and peace within. Don’t fight the “system” simply be in the moment and listen to the messages from your heart without fear.  …

“Remind yourself daily what you are doing good”

To build confidence and decrease stress make a list of what you are doing right in challenging situations. Focus on what is going right and your confidence and health will improve. What you affirm comes true. Dwell on the positive and be grateful for all your blessings big and small. Reference: “ and Dr.Ivan Joseph

“Overwhelm squeezes you”

STOP OVERWHELM BEFORE IT STOPS YOU   Designing Your Dream Life Do you realize that ignoring overwhelm can kill you? Yes, continuous excessive stuffed pressure, pain, deep constricted emotions and life’s demands will drain your energy and eventually surface in emotional outbursts, illness. feeling stuck in the muck or severe diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, …

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