When you freeze emotionally do this

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When you feel yourself emotionally shutting down remember

This is usually caused by “old stuff”.

Everyone has some. Some are hidden.

How do I tackle my “stuff”? It is possible.

Stuff is old things, situations,  peoples’ behavior toward us, and our reactions to their misbehavior.

Stuff may include old genetic (family) patterns inherited or acquired living with others or food-eating tendencies.

This old hidden stuff depresses your health and happiness and reduces your success and energy.

Step One 

When you see or feel yourself closing down like this beautiful little girl in the picture above


**Sit down in a safe space and breathe deeply and slowly from your belly.**

**Slowly rub your belly in a circle from right to left.**

**Stay focused on rubbing the belly, breathing slowly and deeply**

**until your muscles relax and your body and mind calms.**

Mary Wolken  PhD.

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Mary Wolken, PhD. is the Director of the Healthy Living Center and is the inspiration behind Wolken Pain Relief System. Mary quickly helps you release pain and stress patterns without drugs. She was the first complementary medicine therapist on the Brain and Spinal Cord School Assessment Team for Southern, AZ USA as a rehabilitation provider. 

Mary Wolken is a highly accurate intuitive, motivational speaker and therapist. As an educator , neuro-emotional kinesiologist, homeopath, and cell researcher.