Ready to live in 2024?

Get a clear perspective

Ready to drop the worry” and really enjoy living in 2024? Are you looking at and reacting to situations and people through old filters? We all have our “favorite” old feelings and things we say to ourselves when we are unsure of how to move forward.   Check the ones that sound familiar” I’m not […]

Little Steps bring Success!

Step 1. Little Steps bring Success The stress from physical and emotional pain and fatigue can cause anxiety, confusion, and social isolation. Chronic deep muscle pain or fear can decrease activity and lead to depression. Anxiety, fear, and depression often block even the desire to change. Besides the physical and emotional challenges to recovering your […]

So tired all the time – want relief?

Why am I so tired now? Covid lockdown seems to be lessening. People are attempting to mingle in groups again. BUT… our normal thinking brain is still slower than it was before Covid. WHY? The brain works best when it has:  1. Quality food  2.  2-4 quarts of purified water,  3. A calm, happy environment […]

Free yourself from anxiety & trauma

Are you or a loved one Lost in the fog of anxiety and trauma? Signs of living in “the fog” 1. Anticipatory Fear/ Anxiety Normally being in a new situation, meeting new people or speaking in front of a group can produce “butterflies in the stomach, cold feet, sweating, dry mouth or muscle switching… Why?? […]

Being flexible takes on a whole new dimension

How flexible are you? Rate yourself in flexibility: physically  ____ mentally _____ emotionally_____ relationship flexibility _________ Learn to reset your focus or how you are viewing  the challenge/pain can gently reset how your brain processes the event. Comments welcome.

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