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Decrease bacteria, viruses and fungi with Pure-Light

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February 5, 2018

Shift the health and happiness in a room with a flip of a switch.                                      

Decrease bacteria, viruses, and fungi with Pure-Light 

I am so very impressed with Pure-Light bulbs designed by Rodger Young.

As a therapist and energy medicine specialist, I’ve felt an immediate shift in the energy of the rooms I’ve used these bulbs in. You and those you love and work with deserve all the help they can get to get rid of these devastating cold and flu season. The mood lightens, odors decrease and the air is purifed while you are breathing.

Want to to shorten your cold or flu?jb

The recent bacteriological lab tests for Salmonella, E. coli, and MRSA show an almost complete eliminationn within 72 hours of all three!

This is groundbreaking with huge implications for humanity.   Check out Pure-Light for yourself and family.

Magical hidden beauty

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June 8, 2015

“Gratitude for all these hidden beauties living, loving and  growing quietly, deep in the ocean.  They are like

hidden angels that are too delicate to walk our earth, but feed us at so many levels. “

– MWolken 2015


Thanks  Facebook.com and  Gladiator33111

Imagine – will you join us?

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May 31, 2015

Let us try an experiment that last 1 month

then invite someone to repeat it with you.



Let’s Imagine  each one of us can change the world one vision at a time.

Every day each of us will do and imagine others doing 1 small things and feeling to help each other and all of life.

What will you focus on ?

Please report back after 1 month and let us know of the shifts you have noticed please.

Thank you from Mother Earth and all creatures big and small.

Thanks to Youtube.com and John Lennon

Experience the world’s Sunsets from Relaxation Island

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February 7, 2015


Unwind and be grateful for all the beauty around us. Lay back and know that with each quiet deep breath you are experiencing the incredible beauty of the Eternal Artist.

Take life one beautiful moment at a time.

Thanks to Youtube.com and Zofia Kucharska

Do you suffer from “clutteritis” ?

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March 6, 2014

Click here. Clutteritis Sufferers

When you pile and clog the flow of energy in your workroom, office, home or car, you are actually clogging

Moody? Always sick? Exhausted? Can't sleep?

Can’t think straight?

up the flow of inspiration and energy in you. Clutter reflects a way, you maybe blocking progress.

Your gifts and inspiration cannot flow properly without affective breathing dynamic space.

If you suffer from clutteritis of the home or office caused by retention of unneeded items, ineffective use of space, accompanied by guilt, paralysis, and isolation. you will want to listen to Melody of Space as Melody LeBaron describes it. This challenge of clutteritis will create a lack of energy, poor time management, uncomfortable feeling for guests you serve in that space and financial loss.

If you suffer from “clutteritis” ? Click here. This condition can be contagious, but is curable.

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