Pure Light reduces smoke indoors

Dissipated smoke
“I received my lights yesterday, I put them up last night. Unfortunately, they

Kills most viruses and bacteria.

are at an angle because I had to take the covers off of my lights…I am a smoker and I’ve got two dogs. Would you believe me, within about 4 hours there was no more smell in the house?… In front of my computer here, I purposely put the cigarette next to the light bulb and I am seeing that smoke dissipate. It’s unbelievable!” -R. from Canada 12/27/2018

This can help to remove smoke from other sources to help you breathe cleaner air at home, school or work.   Click here


About mwolken

Mary Wolken, PhD. is the Director of the Healthy Living Center and is the inspiration behind Wolken Pain Relief System. Mary quickly helps you release pain and stress patterns without drugs. She was the first complementary medicine therapist on the Brain and Spinal Cord School Assessment Team for Southern, AZ USA as a rehabilitation provider. 

Mary Wolken is a highly accurate intuitive, motivational speaker and therapist. As an educator , neuro-emotional kinesiologist, homeopath, and cell researcher.
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