So tired all the time – want relief?

Why am I so tired now? Covid lockdown seems to be lessening. People are attempting to mingle in groups again. BUT… our normal thinking brain is still slower than it was before Covid. WHY? The brain works best when it has:  1. Quality food  2.  2-4 quarts of purified water,  3. A calm, happy environment […]

Curb “cabin fever” feelings the easy way #2

Do you recognize these symptoms?  Feelings  of … 1.  being  couped up, 2.  restless 3. depressed 4. overwhelmed  5. wired 6. tired of social distancing If you have answered yes to at least 3 or more of these feelings, it is time to take advantage of your complimentary curb cabin fever session  And while you […]

Confusion after Trauma

Why does your body go into a state of fogginess or wired up and emotional over reactive or under reactive state after an accident or some traumatic event? Your brain and all its nerve connections has been conditioned to view things in certain ways. Take a simple example. At the end of a big delicious […]

When your feet scream at you

Are your feet screaming at you? Why do aching feet slow your run, or slow your progress? Why are you more aggravated, irritable and distracted when your feet are very sore, red, swollen, or painful? Feet are nature’s first tool we had to move safely in the world. The nerve ending in your feet that […]

Improve your Brain + Decrease Pain

Learn to improve your brain and decrease pain Click to join Beyond Pain- Mastering Energy 1 webinar Your brain is the seat of pain management and learning. Your body is the library that stores are how we emotionally react in a crisis. Beginning Jan. 10. 2017 at 5:30 PM PST. Mary Wolken coach and stress […]

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