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Fascia – role in pain relief

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August 17, 2015

Fascia -key to pain relief         

Probably the least understood part of the body, fascia are found in fluid bands or sheets of connective tissue fibers, that forms beneath the skin to attach, stabilize, enclose, communicate pain signals and separate muscles and other internal organs.

Made of flexible collagen structures, fascia are capable of resisting great unidirectional tension forces until the wavy pattern of fibers that straighten with a pulling force or becoming more gel like when relaxed. (Fascia are the pink colored fibers seen in the image above.)

Emerging science and client experience suggests that fascia play a very dynamic role in the cycle of injury   –  pain relief  and recovery cycle.

Networked with memory, autonomic nervous system, brain hormones, vascular cells and musculo-skeletal systems,  different layers of fascia seem to need different techniques to activate pain relief and release physical and emotional stress from different layers of fascia. – Mary Wolken PhD 2015

Image courtesy of stillpointmassage.com/fascia-whole-body.jpg

You’re built like a superhero

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June 19, 2015

spidermanLittle do you realize that each of us is constructed with a suit of interwoven fibers that makes us potential Super Heroes. If you look closely at Spiderman’s red body covering you will see the first layer of networking black lines. These protect and give Spiderman his super powers.

What is I told you that we all have this power grid structure? Yes, it is true .


In living animals, humans included,  we call this networking structure that is under our skin and surrounds every organ fascia.  It is the most under studied part of us.  From my experience it houses the most potential solutions for memory of our traumatic experiences and must function well if we want health and happiness.

Joint health, injury-free sports, organ health and fluid movement

The proper functioning of the fascia is necessary for joints of the spine, hips, knees, ankles and ribs to  absorb impact and distribute the strain throughout the body. Proper exercise should follow the lines of fascial pull to distribute the impact. When you’re tight and restricted, the fascia gets sluggish and doesn’t glide smoothly over the muscles and bones. In order for your body to work like a well-oiled machine, you must focus on the fascia. Fitness ability is dependent on healthy fascia.

Today a new integrated approach to releasing the residuals effects of old injury and pain is focusing on fascia calming and relaxing to remove the pent up tension, overload and stress. Once released the body is able to work move smoothly and the old pain and trauma memories give way naturally to memory and behavior improvement and improved sleep and well-being even weight loss.  If you would like to know if this approach would improve your health, fitness and success click here.





Thanks to mindbodygreen.com

Save our earth – a heart at a time

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April 22, 2015

Make every day a better day for you and our beautiful Earth.


By doing something to help someone or some thing will help our planet.

We can make a better place for all of us by giving.

I hope you enjoyed your day and did something to make our world a better place today.


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Thanks to Michael Jackson and Youtube.com.

Stranger than danger-the brain schism

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August 7, 2014

by Mary Wolken, PhD.

How many things are you trying to do now?  Stranger  danger

L3764360_last night, I was walking in the park with my dog and husband enjoying the pond, the night and the trees and saw the strangest creatures I’ve ever seen.  They were unlike others I’d seen before in the park. Human zombies looking for a fictional figure.

Their shapes were human, but their behavior was “unpark” like. Humans walking with others, however there was no communication with the other human like bodies they were with. The only focus of these creatures was to the lite up devices in their palms. They seem to have no awareness of where they are or the others with them.  Their reason for moving around a beautiful pond with ducks and lite up fountain seem lost. There was no focus on enjoying nature, or nurture. They could have been at home or under the sea it wouldn’t have mattered. They were multi-tasking. That was their chosen “world” to move in.

Multi-tasking is our new way of  life

Multi-taking is a curable disease.  However, the deeper the addiction to multitasking – enjoying the moment.

The benefits of multitasking are few.  Scientific research shows an inverse correlation between quality of work completed and multi-tasking.

“These stats from Statistic Brain paint a picture of how difficult it is to stay focused:

Average person’s attention span: 8 seconds
A goldfish’s average attention span: 9 seconds

                       The average office worker checks their inbox an average of 30 times per hour” *

Tip for the Super Achiever

Remember: The mind can only successfully do one thing well at a time without adding more stress to your mind and body. Stay focused.

To increase productivity : Create a check list. Set up a scheduled time to focus on one activity at a time. Devote all of your attention to the task. You will accomplish more in less time and decrease your tiredness, confusion and overwhelm.

To decrease pain and stress join us to learn the next most important way to decrease your stress and pain forever.

Image credit: the healthylivingcenter.com

Reference Buffer: http://open.bufferapp.com/single-tasking

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