Relax – yawn! Mother Nature’s Natural relief

Natural Relief -this costs you nothing! Andrew Gallup, now at the State University of New York at Oneonta, was first inspired by the idea during his undergraduate degree when he realized that stretching and yawning might help to chill the brain and stop it from overheating. The strong gaping movement of the jaws forces blood […]

So tired all the time – want relief?

Why am I so tired now? Covid lockdown seems to be lessening. People are attempting to mingle in groups again. BUT… our normal thinking brain is still slower than it was before Covid. WHY? The brain works best when it has:  1. Quality food  2.  2-4 quarts of purified water,  3. A calm, happy environment […]

Holiday Relief for Caregivers

Lose the holiday overload and bluesMy gift to you those that care for others   Reset the holiday stress. Ready to finally gently unwind some of the overload you are carrying. This is my gift to you. For more information or to be the first to create a joy-filled holiday this year. Comment below or […]

Curb “cabin fever” feelings the easy way #2

Do you recognize these symptoms?  Feelings  of … 1.  being  couped up, 2.  restless 3. depressed 4. overwhelmed  5. wired 6. tired of social distancing If you have answered yes to at least 3 or more of these feelings, it is time to take advantage of your complimentary curb cabin fever session  And while you […]

Smile to relax and relieve your pain

The best way to flex your muscles is to smile. It triggers these feel good chemicals in the body. Endorphins help to lift your spirits and relieve stress/pain. The “Duchenne smile (picture at the right ) helps reduce pain signals from the brain to the body and simultaneously let a warm happy feeling wash over […]

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