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Happy face addition?

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August 23, 2015

Be real with how you feel with how you feel.                                                            8650613_xl

Putting on a happy face may be the worst thing

you can do for your physical and emotional health.

Researchers from the  University of Sydney Business School Anya Johnson and Helena Nguyen found “workers who suppress their emotions are taking an extra six to eight days off work a year. They are also more likely to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental illnesses.” 1
When we force that smiley face, what we are doing is telling our heart that guides our emotional well being to be quiet-your input does not count.  Over time this becomes a habit which can create physical and emotional dis-ease.
Where does the body store these swallowed feelings and behaviors usually in those tissues, fascia and organs your family of origin stored it.
When the body and mind become exhausted this is usually a sign from our heart to take better care of yourself.  If left unattended and nurtured, the emotions get more extreme, pain and exhaustion increase, the mind and body get sluggish.

Take time for a breathing break or come visit “Pain Away Island ” for some suggestions on how to unwind the pain and pent up emotions.  You do not have to suffer from the “Smiley Face” addiction any more.

Thanks to 1. theage.com.au
-MWolken 2015

sleep like lion cub

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March 25, 2015



This cub has the right idea. He just let his whole body relax and melted into a blissful zone. Sleep came easy after chasing his brothers and sisters around all day.

You can relax in the zone of peace and calmness now.  You and your friends or family can unwind together or simply give yourself a boost to deep sleep without drugs by playing this while you fall asleep.

Good to use this when you want to unwind or if you are looking for inspiration.  Let me know how you are using this beautiful video.

Enjoy your travels on Relaxation Island

Thanks  Sleep Ezy Tonight and Youtube.com

Picture image thanks  wallscorner.com

Beyond words – unspoken communication

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March 16, 2015

Join Mary for “Communication beyond words”
Wednesday March 18, 2015  free class
Mary Wolken PhD
Time: 5 to 7 PM  PST

Fishing boat at sunsetTo successfully navigate the challenges of communicating with others compassionately, we need to become better and better at being comfortable in our own internal boat.

Be able to:

 read the signs of potential trouble before crisis happens.
understanding what to do
act vs react in a crisis
move forward calmly and confidently

       Don’t turn your boat away from this opportunity to be the captain of your ship.


Mary Wolken PhD, a communication specialist for 45 years will enhance your ability to listen and respond in an effective way and understand the inner dialogue people only hint at with their words.

On Weds. March 18, 2015 at 5 to 7 PM PST

In “Communication beyond words” we will explore:

Getting clear on words and behaviors
Deepening your inner and outer senses of communication
    Reframing “the stories we live”
Pain – a blessing or curse?
Crisis intervention and light energy

This seminar is my gift to bettering the planet – one better communicator at a time.  – Mary Wolken

Please sign in below.

Replay will be a gift to all that sign up.

“And then there was Light- solid light”

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September 12, 2014

Solid light

“Oscillations of photons create an image of frozen {crystalline) light. At first, photons in the experiment flow easily between two superconducting sites, producing the large waves shown at left. After a time, the scientists cause the light to “freeze,” trapping the photons in place. Fast oscillations on the right of the image are evidence of the new trapped behavior…

“Weare interested in exploring – and ultimately controlling and directing – the flow of energy at the atomic level,” said HakanTüreci, an assistant professor of electrical engineering and a member of the research team.”Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2014-09-solid-previously-unsolvable-problems.html#jCp

Credit: Princeton University

Turning light into crystal energy and crystal into moving energy is the force behind the Spirit of the Universe and the soul,

How that energy that is the Soul becomes flesh and the following challenges and energetic solutions this being finds to become a peaceful, successful human are the musings behind this post.

So we have a three part system to become a human “Being”. So let us follow the Soul that spark of Universal Light and Love as it becomes flesh. So the Soul comes to mix with the Light/Love fields of the parents. The Soul becomes flavored with certain ways of reacting and more important comfort with Being directed and responsive to this inner flow and warmth from the photon light. The comfort comes to be surrounded by the heart tissues.  The HeartMath research has recently proven the heart receives the first input of information of a change in person or situation impinging on it. The heart then sends the message to the brain.

So the brain then reacts to the message from the heart. Its reactions some instinctual, some trained dictate how we will behave in any given situation. The more extreme the reaction the more constricted was the message from the heart to the brain. The more chaotic, the less loving and peaceful the response. When the heart’s environment is delivering inharmonious signals growth, support and peaceful supportive communication and  growth is not possible.

We can redirect energy to support growth.

Comments welcome.


Mary Wolken, PhD “Solutions at the Speed of Light”

I’m going are you?

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September 9, 2014


“Solutions at the Speed of Light”

Claim your super hero powers

Claim your super hero powers

In this hands on, experiential webinar you’ll discover:

  • how to reduce your tiredness, overwhelm and emotional stress at work with the revolutionary speed of light process.

  • the simple secret to improving your emotional IQ.

  • the key to linking your intuition and your heart for strong healthy happy successful Super Hero life.

Best of all, you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned immediately, This is true formula for identifying the root causes of your problems and resetting them for success.

Click here

I’m personally honored and my heart is ready to share this content with you — it’s going to help you solve the “how do I get through this pain and confusion now” problem forever!

I’m personally honored and my heart is ready to share this content with you — it’s going to help you solve the “how do I get through this pain and confusion now” problem forever!

Remember, it’s absolutely FREE to join me, and access the training from anywhere, via your phone or computer.

Dates:  Weds. September 10 at 5 – 6 PM PST
Weds. September 30 at 5 – 6 PM PST

Welcome to "Solutions at the Speed of Light"

Welcome to
“Solutions at the Speed of Light”

Encore  Wednesday October 1 at 10 AM PST
Presenter: Mary Wolken PhD.

Mary has worked in the healing fields since she was 7 years old when her mom taught her how to intervene in a medical emergency. She has worked the natural wellness, cell research and as a therapist for 44 years. The techniques she shares with you she has honed by working on hundreds of clients and family over the years.

 Click here

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