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“And then there was Light- solid light”

Solid light

“Oscillations of photons create an image of frozen {crystalline) light. At first, photons in the experiment flow easily between two superconducting sites, producing the large waves shown at left. After a time, the scientists cause the light to “freeze,” trapping the photons in place. Fast oscillations on the right of the image are evidence of the new trapped behavior…

“Weare interested in exploring – and ultimately controlling and directing – the flow of energy at the atomic level,” said HakanTüreci, an assistant professor of electrical engineering and a member of the research team.”Read more at:

Credit: Princeton University

Turning light into crystal energy and crystal into moving energy is the force behind the Spirit of the Universe and the soul,

How that energy that is the Soul becomes flesh and the following challenges and energetic solutions this being finds to become a peaceful, successful human are the musings behind this post.

So we have a three part system to become a human “Being”. So let us follow the Soul that spark of Universal Light and Love as it becomes flesh. So the Soul comes to mix with the Light/Love fields of the parents. The Soul becomes flavored with certain ways of reacting and more important comfort with Being directed and responsive to this inner flow and warmth from the photon light. The comfort comes to be surrounded by the heart tissues.  The HeartMath research has recently proven the heart receives the first input of information of a change in person or situation impinging on it. The heart then sends the message to the brain.

So the brain then reacts to the message from the heart. Its reactions some instinctual, some trained dictate how we will behave in any given situation. The more extreme the reaction the more constricted was the message from the heart to the brain. The more chaotic, the less loving and peaceful the response. When the heart’s environment is delivering inharmonious signals growth, support and peaceful supportive communication and  growth is not possible.

We can redirect energy to support growth.

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Mary Wolken, PhD “Solutions at the Speed of Light”