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Appreciate Yourself And What You Have

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May 29, 2014

Appreciate yourself A better life has been achieved when we are no longer trying to achieve a better life. It means that we are content, as we should be, with ourselves and what we have. To be anxious for more or to envy someone else’s life or possessions…

Reflecting on Your Greatness: 7 Questions for Self Reflection

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May 28, 2014

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It is important that we make time for a little self reflection once and a while. Sometimes we get so hung up looking for praise outside of ourselves, when really, all that matters is that praise comes from within. So let’s give ourselves a…







“How can your communication improve your healthy b & b”

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November 7, 2013

Would you like to know a secret?

Do you promise to do it and to tell?

Is honesty  the best policy?

This age old question has been used as an excuse to commit many hurtful interchanges in personal and business life.
We see shading the truth glorified in movies and TV programs  and then we experience the other end of the lack of communication spectrum when someone says “I’m going to tell you this straight (brutally) it means.
          “Based on my test results you have 3 months to live.”
           Another an angry boss confronts a coworker with “James why do you always make a jerk out of yourself at meetings
           telling loud and off color jokes?”
Both of these attempts at sharing information with others have “the truth as the speakers perceive it in the statement outcome, but are they the truth the whole truth and given in a way they can be heard and acted upon positively?
Before sharing with another person some potentials challenging information
Look in the mirror and say and feel how that wording effects you. If it makes your insides churn look for a calmer more sensitive way to share.
Improve your communication skills by listening and responding
to the body’s signals for a healthier body and business.
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“Overwhelmed you can quickly move through it”

by , on
August 1, 2013

In the US now we wear over stress as the “modern badge of courage”

Truly it is neither something to cultivate.

What can we do about it-why not try the Overwhelm D-Frazzling System.


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