How am I going to get through it?

Am I going to get through “it”?

Getting the support to recover

The issues of today are unique – recognizing the pressure and pain you feel is a first step in finding a solution and may even decrease your pain.

Anxiety or fear can interfere with your ability to function?

Are you living with any of these challenges?

  • Sadness, anxiety, panic, or pain increasing?
  • Distress that interferes with your living your life?
  •  Physical or emotional pain that persists for months or longer?
  • Trouble sleeping?
  •  Here is Jacob  describing how freeing getting rid of the old stresses and pain.”

    I am sharing and encouraging everyone to consider connecting with Mary.

    She is a healer extraordinaire, a conscientious healer, and a servant to many!

    I am so grateful to call her my friend, healer, and guide to unraveling all my “bs” on top of my pains. 

    Talk to her today.

Do Ancient Traumas hold you back today?

What is  A. T.?

Ancient Traumas (A.T.) are crises we or our relatives or nation has experienced that have left impressions in our deeper consciousness. The effects of these overwhelming, painful events, abuses or accidents are imprinted in some area or areas within our body, emotions, fascial, organ, vagal and energy systems.

How is that possible?                                                                                                   

Our genetic heritage affects our eye color, food preferences, body health, emotional tendencies, and more, but a person’s reactions to ancient crises can still affect you hundreds of years later.

How can your health today be improved by becoming aware and decreasing gently the ancient crises of lifetimes ago? The subtle effects of traumas are alive and affecting your health, moods, may be the unseen roots of chronic illnesses, behaviors, learning abilities, success or lack of it, sleep, digestion, vision etc…

Would you like to join me on a podcast to learn more about you and those unseen factors that have become the roots of your low energy, illnesses and behavior?

**November 17, 2021 at 11:30 AM MST.   Replay will be available.

Sign up on the pop-up and please include your email and questions.

I’ll be in touch.  Thanks

Holiday Relief for Caregivers

Tired mother and her little son in the cooking mode in the kitchen

Lose the holiday overload and blues
My gift to you those that care for others  

Reset the holiday stress. Ready to finally gently unwind some of the overload you are carrying. This is my gift to you.

For more information or to be the first to create a joy-filled holiday this year.

Comment below or email me to sign up or find out more.
Let’s work together this special year to find more peace and health together! Mary Wolken Ph.D. Trauma Reset and Relaxation Specialist.

Learning to reduce your pain and stressors can increase productivity and happiness.

Divide and Conquer Painful Pressure


young woman stressed out

Decrease your confusion and sense of overwhelm

If stress starts to amp up

  1. Put 1 open hand palm side down on
    the area right below your Xyphoid process ( solar plexus or CV14) then
  2.  Place your other hand palm down on the area below your navel (CV 4) halfway between your navel and pubic bone
  3.  Breathe deeply 5 times and relax your entire body and
                                       4. Then finish by resting 1 hand on top of the head and the                                                    other hand below your belly button.

                                      5.  Breathe deeply 5  times

                                               6. Return to work breathing more freely and calmly.

Happy and present

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Healing begins in the heart

Open your heart as these children have to follow your passion.


What is healing?

Healing happens when energy shifts.

How does the shift happen?


Simply change how you are looking at the problem. Energy moves change.

Change your perspective and your pain and life can reset what is stuck or painful.

Try this and let me know what is happening.  Stay well and safe.

Mary Wolken PhD