Take a Break Moms

Take A Break Mug Showing Relaxing And Tiredness

Go from being a tired business mom

… soo frustrated,

Overload …    Stress

Emotional Exhausted


 **** Relaxed  ***** Energized ***** Creative ****

Introducing a new 4-week relaxation training – Take a Break

Guaranteed to be the easiest-to-learn and use program you have ever experienced.

You will enjoy these quick and lasting results. It is a simple but profoundly relaxing way to help you quickly.

  1. Breathe calmer–  reducing breathing rate to focus attention on problem-solving
  2. Attention & Focus –  release hidden stressors using alpha brain waves while you relax
  3. Release & Redirecting stress to conscious positive action quickly with confidence


Mary-Wolken copyMary Wolken, PhD., as a recovering super, is critical. While recovering from a stress-induced hamstring tear. This injury leads to the development of the B.A.R. System, a unique proprietary process to identify and instantly release stress and emotional and physical discomfort.

For the last 50 years, Mary’s mission has been to help Moms and those with traumatic injuries or learning challenges eliminate frustration, nervous tension, and pain quickly and easily.

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