Mirror mirror help me relax
How do you see yourself?

Our first look into the mirror of relaxing change.

Find a reflective surface to work with.

Ideas: bathroom mirror.

Please sign in below please then we can begin.

Welcome to the mirror of Relaxing Change

Make sure your area  is well lite.

Stand or sit in a way you can see your entire face and neck.

Notice how you feel looking at yourself.  Then deep breathe and smile at yourself.

Close your eyes and count to 30 slowly, as you deep breathe.

 Open your eyes and gaze at you is facing you in the mirror

           What shifts do you see?

Close your eyes again. Gentle massage your face and neck

with your eyes closed.

The thoughts going through your head facing yourself.

Close your eyes and count to 30 slowly as you deep breathe.

Then slowly open your eyes and see if you notice any changes in your face, neck, emotions, thoughts etc.

Breathe deeply and slowly and thank yourself for taking time to doo this for you.


Then look in the mirror again.  Have a blessed day.

If you find any areas of resistance give yourself a hug.

If it persists and you want to explore deeper relief ask for your Introductory Meeting with Mary.

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