Relax – yawn! Mother Nature’s Natural relief

Natural Relief -this costs you nothing! Andrew Gallup, now at the State University of New York at Oneonta, was first inspired by the idea during his undergraduate degree when he realized that stretching and yawning might help to chill the brain and stop it from overheating. The strong gaping movement of the jaws forces blood […]

Helping you help others

Simplify  Simplify The best way to overload the brain…. ***Try to do too much at one time.***   As adults who once were children, we found out the hard way. Remember those days when you would come home from school? You knew you had a list of things “that must be done,” and all you […]

Free yourself

Free yourself from old secrets Anxious or nervous – why? 1. Anxiety in a new situation Being in a new situation, meeting new people, or speaking in front of a group can produce “nervousness, fear, anxiety, butterflies in the stomach, cold feet, sweating, dry mouth or muscle twitching… Why?? When words or actions or situations […]


Stop now time to give yourself some lovin: Now put your arms around your chest and give yourself a loving hug. Give thanks for being able to hug. Now everyone give the world a big hug and thanks for supporting us all. The science behind a hug is simple, but its energy is deeply felt. […]

Gentle Ways Out of pain

    When the pain seems to much. Listen to your heart. Ask for help from those that have a gentle way for you can hold on to follow. Gentle ways out of pain 1: Quiet yourself. Relax your breathing. Focus in the moment. And breathe through the area that seems to feel the worst. […]

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