Helping you help others

Simplify  Simplify The best way to overload the brain…. ***Try to do too much at one time.***   As adults who once were children, we found out the hard way. Remember those days when you would come home from school? You knew you had a list of things “that must be done,” and all you […]

Just for today

Just for today I will allow my movement To be shaped by my heart I will not explain or defend I will not apologize or seek to be understood Just for today I will walk softly, speak little, offer what I can Just for today I will let being what I am Be enough. Thanks […]

Imagine – will you join us?

Let us try an experiment that last 1 month then invite someone to repeat it with you.   Let’s Imagine  each one of us can change the world one vision at a time. Every day each of us will do and imagine others doing 1 small things and feeling to help each other and all […]

Unwind by the ocean

Take a few moments today to unwind by one of the “Relaxation Island ©” beaches. Remember each time you breathe deep and relax and let your attention wander gently to the beach. Changing your focus will help unwind some of the pressure of the day and raise your creative energy . Simply let go and […]

Beyond words – unspoken communication

Join Mary for “Communication beyond words” Wednesday March 18, 2015  free class Mary Wolken PhD Time: 5 to 7 PM  PST To successfully navigate the challenges of communicating with others compassionately, we need to become better and better at being comfortable in our own internal boat. Be able to:  read the signs of potential trouble […]

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