Don’t give me that c___! You don’t feel fine!

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It’s time to connect.

Don’t tell me you are fine when:

    * you feel tired & wired.

    * you are so frustrated you could scream

    * you feel invisible & your message isn’t heard.

Learn an easy system to reconnect while you relax.

 Learn to connect with yourself and solve personal and health challenges more easily.


Mary-Wolken copyMary Wolken, PhD., a recovering Super Achiever, health practitioner who has learned the hard way how to relax and speed healing using energy medicine, while recovering from a stress induced hamstring tear. This injury laid the foundation for the structural allignment work and the B.A.R. System, a unique proprietary process to instantly release stress, emotional and physical discomfort.

For the last 43 years Mary’s mission is to help Super Achievers become Super Heroes.

Eliminating frustration, nervous tension and pain quickly and easily is the focus of her work.


“Gratitude for the pain; flying forward without regrets”

Have any of you felt like you have had the rug pulled out from under you?

Raise the B.A.R. -fly free!
Raise the B.A.R. -fly free!


What did you do to move on?  I recently have attracted a teacher/friend to me who has reinforced at first an old habit of mine. This old pattern is bring people to me help me recognize how I’ve grown. Does it still hurt-hell ya!

Stop no pity party needed.  I spent hours in shock and feeling abandoned and sorry for myself then I heard myself make a conscious choice “I could feel bad and reinforce the old tapes in my head about how I always blah blah blah. Instead I said “I am choosing to be grateful for the time and learning I received and am free to choose with more clarity and expectations talked out first. I am fine and creating more positive clear opportunities and friendships daily. I am grateful.”

Come join the chat

I will be sharing some of my techniques for releasing shock and emotional challenges quickly and easily on a

free online call   “Calling all Frustrated Soper Achievers ”  Tuesday May 27, 2014   6-7:30 PM PST.

“How can your communication improve your healthy b & b”

Would you like to know a secret?

Do you promise to do it and to tell?

Is honesty  the best policy?

This age old question has been used as an excuse to commit many hurtful interchanges in personal and business life.
We see shading the truth glorified in movies and TV programs  and then we experience the other end of the lack of communication spectrum when someone says “I’m going to tell you this straight (brutally) it means.
          “Based on my test results you have 3 months to live.”
           Another an angry boss confronts a coworker with “James why do you always make a jerk out of yourself at meetings
           telling loud and off color jokes?”
Both of these attempts at sharing information with others have “the truth as the speakers perceive it in the statement outcome, but are they the truth the whole truth and given in a way they can be heard and acted upon positively?
Before sharing with another person some potentials challenging information
Look in the mirror and say and feel how that wording effects you. If it makes your insides churn look for a calmer more sensitive way to share.
Improve your communication skills by listening and responding
to the body’s signals for a healthier body and business.
Remember: To learn more about “What pressures You?” and what to do about it. Click here. It is free.