just start

Just go for it Don’t let pain slow you. Don’t let anyone turn you around. Even if you never never saw anyone do it before. Follow your heart’s dream -go for it!   Take the first step. Write it down as a goal. Spend 10 minutes a day learning about it. Follow your heart’s dream. Does it scare you ? Even more reason to do it. Begin today. Remember,  you will have all the strength and …

Heart Light© glow

The home of inspiration and light   Imaginal cell lie dormant inside a caterpillar’s body, becoming activated within the chrysalis to allow a butterfly to ultimately emerge. Like seeds of pure potential encoded into the caterpillar’s DNA, imaginal cells are the ingredients of metamorphosis. When the caterpillar emerges it carries nothing of its caterpillar DNA with it. Where are the imaginal cells in humans? The seat of our imaginal cells the heart of our ultimate gifts and …

Magical hidden beauty

“Gratitude for all these hidden beauties living, loving and  growing quietly, deep in the ocean.  They are like hidden angels that are too delicate to walk our earth, but feed us at so many levels. “ – MWolken 2015   Thanks  Facebook.com and  Gladiator33111

Save our earth – a heart at a time

Make every day a better day for you and our beautiful Earth. By doing something to help someone or some thing will help our planet. We can make a better place for all of us by giving. I hope you enjoyed your day and did something to make our world a better place today.   Come back to Relaxation Island© Experiences soon. Thanks to Michael Jackson and Youtube.com.