Improve your Brain + Decrease Pain

Learn to improve your brain and decrease pain Click to join Beyond Pain- Mastering Energy 1 webinar Your brain is the seat of pain management and learning. Your body is the library that stores are how we emotionally react in a crisis. Beginning Jan. 10. 2017 at 5:30 PM PST. Mary Wolken coach and stress relief specialist will introduce you to the secrets of the: Wolken Pain Relief System. It can help you: to respond calmly …

just start

Just go for it Don’t let pain slow you. Don’t let anyone turn you around. Even if you never never saw anyone do it before. Follow your heart’s dream -go for it!   Take the first step. Write it down as a goal. Spend 10 minutes a day learning about it. Follow your heart’s dream. Does it scare you ? Even more reason to do it. Begin today. Remember,  you will have all the strength and …

Decrease pain by

Decrease the focus on your pain and low energy by doing something natural. These little girls are enjoying each other in the park and have forgotten their troubles. These people from all walks of life from around the world are singing from their hearts and in this moment have put their pain and challenges aside.   Thanks to and Farrel Williams

Inspiration to triumph

“The best will come to those who persist in following their heart’s calling.”   -Mary Wolken 2015 From a very young age, we have had glimpses of things and experiences that inspire us to wonder, but few have known how to connect the dots from our wonder to  life of happiness, service and success. Want to live your dreams? Fill out the form to your right today. Thanks to  Dr. Fábio Augusto and for this video.

Beyond words – unspoken communication

Join Mary for “Communication beyond words” Wednesday March 18, 2015  free class Mary Wolken PhD Time: 5 to 7 PM  PST To successfully navigate the challenges of communicating with others compassionately, we need to become better and better at being comfortable in our own internal boat. Be able to:  read the signs of potential trouble before crisis happens. understanding what to do act vs react in a crisis move forward calmly and confidently        Don’t turn …