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Peaceful art of eating

Romantic little girl


you eat take a few moments to give thanks

for the delicious food.

Your body cells will smile.

Your heart will feel warm and hugged.

You’ll be on Relaxation Island.

Your brain and body systems will relax and be able to utilize the life energy of the food.”

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Simply – roll your shoulders

Conscious Freedom

Let’s begin with the shoulders. freedom

Let the shoulders drop into a comfortable position.

Be aware of how you position your shoulders.

We tend to roll our shoulders forward when we focus on a cell phone, work at a desk, do crafts, bike ride, eat or are in a state of shock by a loud noise or trauma.

When we roll the shoulders forward, we constrict our breathing, decreasing the flow of oxygen and blood flow around our entire head and body. Slumping the shoulders, can begin a life time of  troubles with posture, emotional and body stress and strains. by causing more stress on our physical and emotional systems.

When we reverse the roll, it opens our chest so we can clear our lungs and breathe deeper. It creates space to release stuck emotions and gas.

Take a little time and consciously keep those  shoulders moving forward and backwards often throughout the day.

Stop and relax your mind and body.

Let yourself  belly breath and  you will feel like you are living a Relaxation Island© Experience. 


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“3 Simple Keys to Avoid Weight Gain and Enjoy the Holidays” and you’re invited!

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When you go to the link above and join Dr. Gail for the training, you’ll discover that just knowing the top calorie traps will keep you on track as you avoid holiday weight gain– and the stress associated with it!

During the 60-minute training, Dr. Gail covers:   Do Not Wait !   

* The basics: a solid understanding of how your body works, and which components must come together to optimize your health. This knowledge serves as your guide at decision time!
* The top Holiday Food Traps and simple shifts you can make right now, before Thanksgiving.
How to take better care of yourself this holiday season, including Gail’s POWER system for ensuring your basic physical and mental health needs are met, every day.
How to access extra support to navigate the holidays with cheer, not fear. And much more!

Dr. Gail speaks from her own personal success. Her caring, compassionate, no-nonsense approach gives you the support and the information you need to take care of yourself as well as you care for others!  You’ll undoubtedly walk away from this training with tools you can use immediately.

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I’m going are you?


“Solutions at the Speed of Light”

Claim your super hero powers
Claim your super hero powers

In this hands on, experiential webinar you’ll discover:

  • how to reduce your tiredness, overwhelm and emotional stress at work with the revolutionary speed of light process.

  • the simple secret to improving your emotional IQ.

  • the key to linking your intuition and your heart for strong healthy happy successful Super Hero life.

Best of all, you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned immediately, This is true formula for identifying the root causes of your problems and resetting them for success.

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I’m personally honored and my heart is ready to share this content with you — it’s going to help you solve the “how do I get through this pain and confusion now” problem forever!

I’m personally honored and my heart is ready to share this content with you — it’s going to help you solve the “how do I get through this pain and confusion now” problem forever!

Remember, it’s absolutely FREE to join me, and access the training from anywhere, via your phone or computer.

Dates:  Weds. September 10 at 5 – 6 PM PST
Weds. September 30 at 5 – 6 PM PST

Welcome to "Solutions at the Speed of Light"
Welcome to
“Solutions at the Speed of Light”

Encore  Wednesday October 1 at 10 AM PST
Presenter: Mary Wolken PhD.

Mary has worked in the healing fields since she was 7 years old when her mom taught her how to intervene in a medical emergency. She has worked the natural wellness, cell research and as a therapist for 44 years. The techniques she shares with you she has honed by working on hundreds of clients and family over the years.

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Don’t give me that c___! You don’t feel fine!

Connect Puzzle Shows Global Communications

It’s time to connect.

Don’t tell me you are fine when:

    * you feel tired & wired.

    * you are so frustrated you could scream

    * you feel invisible & your message isn’t heard.

Learn an easy system to reconnect while you relax.

 Learn to connect with yourself and solve personal and health challenges more easily.


Mary-Wolken copyMary Wolken, PhD., a recovering Super Achiever, health practitioner who has learned the hard way how to relax and speed healing using energy medicine, while recovering from a stress induced hamstring tear. This injury laid the foundation for the structural allignment work and the B.A.R. System, a unique proprietary process to instantly release stress, emotional and physical discomfort.

For the last 43 years Mary’s mission is to help Super Achievers become Super Heroes.

Eliminating frustration, nervous tension and pain quickly and easily is the focus of her work.