Want Deep Relief

Reduce your pain and the effects of shock and injury on your body?

Learn some super easy techniques to help your brain and emotions reduce its anxiety and discomfort.

Visit Relaxation Island

  Stop Wishing  and learn to  get:

*Deep Relief 

*Better sleep better.

Decrease anxiety and improve your energy.

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You have a special invitation to experience what relief really is when you try the

                                Deep Relief on Relaxation Island with Mary Wolken Ph.D.


Training individuals in control the effects m of shock and pain since 1970, Deep Relief on Relaxation Island helps you reset your overly tight muscles, pain and sleeplessness, and anxiety, quickly, without leaving the comfort of your bed or chair!

Learn the 3 simple steps to Deep Relief on Relaxation Island. Also helps improve focus, mobility, flexibility and emotional calmness, while decrease pain and trauma gently.


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