Wash away tiredness on RI

Lay down on Relaxation Island © today and let the sound of the ocean waves wash away your tiredness and that fried out feeling.

Let Mother Nature’s sounds embrace you and rebuild your energy. Refresh and take a short mini vacation.

Each time you take time to listen, unwind and allow your breathing, and your body’s systems can unload the pent-up stress and build better health and energy.

Enjoy your trip to the ocean on Relaxation Island©!


Thank you Youtube.com and Acerting Art


Do not listen to this while you are using machinery or driving a car.


Move it with the Walk of Life

Take 4 minutes to shake it out -your stress that is!


Dire Straits will be the guest guide for doing the Walk of Life with us on Relaxation Island © today!
Sing and walk about to quickly get your energy moving for a quick refresher. Have a great day!
Thanks Dire Straits and youtube.com

Let us know which experiences you enjoy the most so we can serve you best.

A few minutes a day can make a big difference in your happiness, confidence and communication  with yourself and others. Have your family or colleagues take a few minute time out with you.

Thanks Mary

Traveling on theta waves on Relaxation Island©

What a beautiful way to unwind. Simply close your eyes and listen to the waves – theta wave that is in the music by Steven Halpern.


Our brain wave frequency occurs at four levels for different brain activities: alpha, beta. theta and delta waves are considered to be the frequency we use when we are awake and working.

Theta Brain Waves (TBW) are slower frequency of brain waves. They typically cycle at a rate of 4-7 times per second (4 Hz – 7 Hz). TBW has long been associated with early stages of sleep and the process of dreaming. Theta Waves have been associated with states of enhanced creativity, “Super Learning,” deeper relaxation, day-dreaming, spiritual experience, healing, and sleep-dream activity.
or taking a “trip on Relaxation Island©“.



The more times you go traveling the better you will become on using the theta state for you enjoyment, creative pleasure and to help yourself and others find inner success and relaxation.
steven halpern music+youtube

image: https://thehealthylivingcenter.com/sunset-landscape

Peaceful art of eating

Romantic little girl


you eat take a few moments to give thanks

for the delicious food.

Your body cells will smile.

Your heart will feel warm and hugged.

You’ll be on Relaxation Island.

Your brain and body systems will relax and be able to utilize the life energy of the food.”