Inspiration to triumph

“The best will come to those who persist in following their heart’s calling.”   -Mary Wolken 2015

From a very young age, we have had glimpses of things and experiences that inspire us to wonder,

but few have known how to connect the dots from our wonder to  life of happiness, service and success.

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Thanks to  Dr. Fábio Augusto and for this video.

Shhh! ideas birthing

In the quiet of the night on Relaxation Island©, we dream our best. The “Sounds of Silence” birth our most creative gifts.

You can reach that quiet place of ultimate love, creative genius and healing

deep sleep

walking in silence in the forest

walking or running on a beach

cycling in silence

meditating actively or passively

doing anything  you love to do

Deep in the silence inside of us we get the urge to do something never done before.

Thanks to and Candy Rock&Lyrics for this video and inspiration.

Relax and be inspired today!

Are you a victim of stinckin’ thinkin’ ?

Are you a victim of stinkin’ thinkin’ ?

Develop the clarity and focus of your inner peaceful warrior.

Develop the clarity and focus of your inner peaceful warrior.

I’m tired of complainers. I think you know a few.

They complain or bitch about how:

  • they can’t change it

  • It’s all the other guy’s fault.

  • the government is.

  • How bad pollution is.

  • the weather is.

  • their spouse is

  • prices are….

Then listen closely for the

black “BUT”

They are “unable” to make the change. Hogwash I say ! Stop the stinkin’ thinkin’  today

 Try this

Take a few deep relaxed breaths and focus on one thing you can do to make this situation better.

Create movement

If you don’t see a way to create even a small shift in the energy, but want to, let’s talk.

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