Shhh! ideas birthing

In the quiet of the night on Relaxation Island©, we dream our best. The “Sounds of Silence” birth our most creative gifts.

You can reach that quiet place of ultimate love, creative genius and healing

deep sleep

walking in silence in the forest

walking or running on a beach

cycling in silence

meditating actively or passively

doing anything  you love to do

Deep in the silence inside of us we get the urge to do something never done before.

Thanks to and Candy Rock&Lyrics for this video and inspiration.

Relax and be inspired today!


About mwolken

Mary Wolken, PhD. is the Director of the Healthy Living Center and is the inspiration behind Wolken Pain Relief System. Mary quickly helps you release pain and stress patterns without drugs. She was the first complementary medicine therapist on the Brain and Spinal Cord School Assessment Team for Southern, AZ USA as a rehabilitation provider. 

Mary Wolken is a highly accurate intuitive, motivational speaker and therapist. As an educator , neuro-emotional kinesiologist, homeopath, and cell researcher.
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