“Stress good for you if you believe it”

How you view a challenge creates the basis for health or illness.  Is it good stress or bad stress that is the question?

Our beliefs about stress create a foundation for relaxed wellbeing or frazzled illness producing conditions.

When we help others, or smile or think about your favorite place to relax, the hormone oxytocin helps us

feel that warm fuzzy feeling inside. This is our life extension policy built into our body’s response to stress if we belief it.

Thanks to  TED.com and Kelly McGonigal

“The Golden Circle of Success”

If you live the tenets of Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” you will have a fully life and success in your business..

Let your passion motivate you and it will attract those of like minds to work and learn from you.

Thanks Simon for your great inspiration.
Source: UTube.com