Pain Away Quiz

The “Pain Away Quiz

Thank you for your interest in exploring how the “Pain Away” System could benefit you. Please


Simply rate the following statements (low , medium or high) in importance to you now.

  1. Same recurrent issue/pain reappears causing pain/stress.___________
  2. Decreasing physical and emotional pain quickly ______________
  3. Developing a step by step plan for pain relief of ______________
  4. Uncovering the one thing you are doing/ not doing that is slowing your progress to health and success ___________________
  5. Uncover the most powerful actions needed to reach your pain free life ___________________



Count your total points rating  low – 1,  medium = 2 and high = 3:

Scores 0 to 7 points you are doing better than average.

8 to 12 need to find some ways to unwind your stress

13 to 15 time to get serious about taking care of yourself

If you have scored 8 to 15 points,  schedule your complimentary “Pain away Consult” below.

You and your body will be so happy you did.

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