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Your expert trainer is Mary Wolken, PhD with 42 years of assisting people get rid of their stress to achieve success.

She is an author, Natural Medicine educator, researcher, mom -the best, medical intuitive and trained in homeopathy, neuremotional kinesiology, nutrition and biophoton therapy.


Easy Inner Fitness Test

___Do you suffer from pain?

___ Do you feel overwhelmed?

___Do you think clearly?

___Do you have a clear sharp memory?

___Do you frequently injure yourself?

___Are you living on sugar, “Red Bull” or caffeine like fixes?

___Are you too tired to get out of bed in the morning?

___Do you want to live life thrilled to be serving those who want and need your services and gifts and make $$ doing it?

___Do you want to know the secrets to living the life you always dreamed?

If  you answered “Yes” to 4 or more of these questions,

Inner Fitness to Outer Success Easy Ways to

                       Live a Prosperous and Healthy Life may be perfect for you.

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The Core of Success

Achieving Success and holding it depends on how we develop it.

If we have a weak waxy paper cup and fill it with hot water a few time, it will fold. Unable to maintain its shape or hold a full cup again.

Our ability to achieve and grow our life’s successful mission is dependent on strengthening our core, so when success arrives we can hold  it.