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World changing consultants, coaches, therapists, project leaders, public servants or care-givers… 

Mary Wolken. PhD


Welcome Super Achievers

“Are YOU the one who wants – and is WILLING – to CHANGE the world?

 My heart-felt personal message to you

  • You’re frustrated that you haven’t made that BIG difference in the world.  Despite your best efforts, people just haven’t let it ‘tip’ yet… or they have and you’re RUNNING like crazy to keep up – you’re afraid of what’s next and don’t want to “play too small.”
  • What can you do to start play the bigger game you know you’re meant to play?
  • You’ve put EVERYTHING you know into what you’re doing – Isn’t there a the turning point needed to taking care of YOU?   You scarcely do anything to care for you – and know something’s going to give soon… Are you READY – how are other people keeping their head on straight?

I’ve got GREAT news for you – you are SO in the right place, right now!

My name is Mary Wolken, and I’m welcoming you here, the home turf for what I call “recovering super achievers”.  Why? Because inspiring people like YOU to do what you need to do is what I know, and do best.  I’ve been taking care of some of the world’s BEST leaders, teachers, coaches and change-agents, so they can DO what they do best… THINK. ACT. BREATH. BE.  Then change the world.


Face it, the world needs you… people who wish the world and… you could always:


  • Be Powered by light, unwound and achieving greatness.
  • Wake every day ready to live each moment as if it were our last.
  • Always open to LOVE.
  • Exhilarated not exhausted.
  • Sleeping peacefully and deeply.
  • Dynamically healthy and happy.
  • Protected by gratitude.
  • Designing and completing world enhancing projects easily without exhaustion.


So why do I have to do this?  Because I know YOU won’t do it for YOURSELF yet.


My super achieving clients are people just like YOU… super caring givers who want to change the world.  They take on goals that are lofty, but smart, proven and exactly the RIGHT thing to do…


I know they are doing it, and you can do it too, by taking one INSPIRED step at a time.  You JUST need to get the steps RIGHT.


If you’re willing to be counted among them…these super incredible and giving people who can admit it, then you’re in a brilliant place, but here’s the problem (and it’s a small, but important one) – you want the world to change, but YOU, yourself, are often too tired, wound up or distracted to do it the way you want to.


You’re too strung out, restless maybe sleepless unable to be peaceful, powerful and effective in the present – and want to be for yourself, for others and for the world… why? Because there is so MUCH to do and authenticity counts.  You want to ACHIEVE goals.  You want to get things done.  You want to let things go, delegate and see others talk on the work… BUT….


But, you are spinning your wheels, too tired and wired to really leap forward.  You know you need to do things different, but where’s the time?  Where’s the place?  When is it right?  I understand been there=done that trip.


Mary Wolken’s Super Hero’s Plan

“Solutions at the Speed of Light”

FINALLY Get Your Super Hero moving –

Make Big Change Helping People Around the World…with Clarity, Energy and Ease!

Step 1: You’re about to learn my clear, PROVEN 5-STEP Breakthrough plan, which teaches you EXACTLY  how to change the world and take advantage of you OWN resources and expertise, in the comfort of your home – even while you move mountains and tackle that things that need to change… FAST.

Whether you’re a newbie Super Achiever, ready to take on a huge challenge at work, or an experienced and hard-hitting Super Achiever already doing GREAT things, you’ll discover new strategies and tips to implement to help you create wins for yourself and the world again and again. All you need to do is follow my paint-by-numbers system to see these results in YOUR life, your health, and your business.

Remember the first step is to sign up for your  Discover your light free session. I will send you a self reflection packet to help you and me understand your goals clearer.

Step 2: Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll discover:

I’m ready to make it EASY.

I don’t tell you this to brag (or complain), I share this so you can know I’ve learned a thing or two about a thing or two.  In my life a few years ago, after achieving a lot, I took a little downfall – one of the biggest frustrations in my life that took me away from my work, distracted me and tired me out – it wasn’t a big deal, but it was a turn that slowed me down, and made me crazy – why? it got in the way of me changing my life… and changing the world.  Then, I turned it all around – I learned the key and the profoundly simple things to FREE me up and let me win. And now I’ve got it down to a science!

What’s my secret? Well, here it is  –

The B.A.R.R.    Gold Bar Chart Shows Budget Versus Actual


What’s THAT, you say?

Well, this may sound a bit wonky now, but all I need to do when my work, energy, sleep or focus is waning is going to the B.A.R.R. and breathe.  BREATHE? No, not just breathe… this is the easiest, fastest, least expensive way to get back to taking care of the world and YOU. It maybe the Golden Goose!

Forget trying to keep up with all the things you THINK you should be doing.  Like my EXPERT, world-changing clients, you CAN get back the energy and focus you need to get what you REALLY want to do done.


You need just the RIGHT kind of support and a few SIMPLE skills to release the blockages, tension and struggle in the way of your OWN clarity and focus.

Ready to raise the B.A.R.R. for yourself?

The B.A.R.R. will train you to:

  • Find solutions to challenges quickly without emotional overload and frustration.
  • Help you to finally become peacefully successful. not tired and wired.
  • Free you from the Push and more push method to finish work.
  • Stop the worry and struggle.

The B.A.R.R. will give you back time to:

    •  have fun and be creative.
    • enjoy your friends and loved ones
    • time to sleep, hydration and be fully here now.

Step 3: The heart of the Super Hero ” the HeartStar”

“Those who depend upon their eyes for sight, their ears for hearing,their mouths for speech

and their fingers and toes to feel will never deeply help our world or themselves.” M. Wolken 2014

Your mission should you accept it is to open and live from your Heart.  It is the journey.

  • It is a compassionate “hug and wonder filled” trip.
  • *free your fun genes and spread the smiles around
  • *feel love’s vibration and be able to share it at home and work.


Step 4:  The Super Hero’s role in the world

You are light. Now learning how to share your wisdom and skill are vital skills for us to hone to have a deep impact in the world.  We all need to live in health, harmony and prosperity with others. You are a star. Your sensitivity, creativity, and passion and the ways of serving will  be profound.

Your world influence depends on:

  • heart centered communication
  • oneness with nature and its song “Learn to move like water and stand tall like mountain” -Lao Tzu
  • mastery over the elements of health and healing
  • living in harmony with live, change even “death” and prosperity

Ready to begin the Journey?

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