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the Heart of Pain

Posted by mwolken on June 10, 2019

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Are you in pain?                         Does this pain recur? Are you Tired of the pain?                                Do You want to explore a plan to free yourself from what’s driving the pain? I had many crises to practice the development of these three steps to freedom from pain and trauma over the years. If you are ready to stop this recurrent and energy-sucking experiences in your life, Click here please to set

Confusion after Trauma

Posted by mwolken on April 23, 2019

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Why does your body go into a state of fogginess or wired up and emotional over reactive or under reactive state after an accident or some traumatic event? Your brain and all its nerve connections has been conditioned to view things in certain ways. Take a simple example. At the end of a big delicious meal in some countries it is a sign of appreciation and gratitude to burp aloud. That is not the culture

Why am I so confused?

Posted by mwolken on April 15, 2019

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when pain seems too much Immediately after an accident or being a victim of chilhood abuse or trauma, the normal thinking brain of the person traumatized retreats into crisis or survival mode. What does this mean? When someone feels overwhelmed by the suddenness of an event, the fight or flight energy of the body takes over. A person quits thinking calmly and rationally and tries to survive by confusion, fleeing, hiding, fighting or attempting to

Resetting Shock to relieve Trauma -Part 1

Posted by mwolken on April 7, 2019

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Resetting shock to relieved trauma Your body is made up of layers of energy. They are arranged in the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and sub-levels of neurochemical and electro-chemical messaging systems. Any sudden dramatic change to the body’s energy systems can cause the physical and emotional from a sudden car accident, unexpected death of a loved one, surgery, becoming a victim of a violent crime or abuse or war. Sudden illness or crisis can cause

Free Yourself

Posted by mwolken on February 17, 2019

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Step 1. Little Steps bring Success The stress from physical and emotional pain and fatigue can cause anxiety, confusion and social isolation. Chronic deep muscle pain or fear can decrease activity and lead to depression. Possibly anxiety, fear and depression often block even the desire to overcome the stress. Besides the physical and emotional challenges to recovering your energy and happiness, it can greatly interfere with the way you manage your activities at home or