We face many challenges throughout our lives some planned and others a surprise,

It’s how we overcome those challenges that shape our health, happiness, and success we achieve in rebuilding our life.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI), a sudden death(s) or a debilitating illness are three of the scariest challenges, we will face in our life. Whether it was a sudden death comes out of nowhere, learning challenges that may have been initiated from childhood trauma or an accident or group trauma, these overwhelming life-changing experiences must be gentle cared for – NOT IGNORED if you want to heal and be happy and energetic again.


I am no stranger to TBI’s after suffering an almost life-changing car accidents. I fought to overcome the challenges of those accidents and abuse. Knowing the struggles, I would like to help you rebuild your “house”, by decreasing the stress on the emotional and vagal nerve systems in the body. Why destress the vagal nervous system? It the largest and longest nerve in the entire virtually sending branches to every part of your brain and body. Traumatic events have lingering effects on our entire brain, body, and emotional systems. The stress in all forms that trauma causes is deep and long lived. I can help reduce trauma’s lingering effects. -Mary Wolken Ph.D. trauma specialist  Contact me on LinkedIn

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