Never in my wildest nightmare….  could I have imagined all the challenges and heartaches these past two years brought. 

Now how can we pull ourselves up together and create a better safer and kinder life in spite of Covid …

First what am I grateful for – the people who have pulled closer over these two years and how I’ve enjoyed the walks, the meals with those few this year, and talks.

I’m thankful for those people who share their arts with all.

I’m grateful for all those who allow me to help them improve their wellness and decrease their stress and grief this year.

I am grateful for all the research and caring researchers, healthcare workers and safety folks have given to us all.

I’m grateful for all the ways families are better communicating with each other over the year.

I’m grateful for the heartwarming ways those who left us will be remembered.

Hugs to all. Stay let’s work together to create a happier healthier life for all.

Mary Wolken Ph.D.