Wolken Pain Relief Systems

Mary Wolken Ph.D. founded the  Wolken Trauma & Pain Relief Systems.

“I too have struggled through traumatic pain both old family issues and then a series of accidents and surgeries while I was a full-time working parent. I have learned to unwind that trauma and feel more energy and less pain and anxiety using these techniques and therapies.”

*Gain emotional and physical pain relief from the first meeting.
Mary personally, and gently helps you reset emotional, physical and mental stress and trauma through acupressure, homeopathy, nutritional support, and counseling.
Calming and positive changes happen from the first visit in memory, vision, reading speed and comprehension, movement, writing, and hearing through neural re-patterning.
Mary also works with the family to decrease caretaker stress. Services provided in the office, community-based or specific services by phone. Caring for infants, children, and adults.
My system is deeply relaxing, fast, effective and gentle.
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