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Free Training for Super Heroes

by Mary Wolken, PhD.

3 Simple  quick and easy steps
to create solutions, relieve emotional overwhelm
create a happy inspired Super Hero Life.

(Even if you’ve never tried any self mastery techniques,
 and all from the comfort of your home).

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Dates:  Weds.  Introduction: Tuesday September 30 at 5 – 6 PM PST

                                         Encore: Wednesday October 1 at 10 AM PST

                                         Replay available after Tuesday 9/30/14

Call in information:                                                                                                 Mary Wolken, PhD  Presenter

(605) 562-3140                                                                         mary pictbluef

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(605) 562-3149

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Mary Wolken, PhD

Hi, I’m Mary Wolken, Ph.D., Mentor, Integrated Medicine therapist, cell researcher and founder of the Healthy Living Center.

Since 1997, I’ve been helping hundreds achieve greater happiness, health and reach their dreams naturally and easily. In 2013 was selected to be one of the Women of the Year for

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