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Loosen up those hips for success


Stretch your hips before hiking around Relaxation Island © or before sports activity, speaking, and teaching teaching :

Before you go walking or hiking around Relaxation Island© doing these stretches to relax, create more flexibility and improve range of motion. It will decrease our chance of injury form exercising cold tight muscles in your hips, pelvic floor, legs and back.

Hip stretches are important for the flexibility and range of motion of the hip and lower back muscles. Good hip flexibility allows for the unrestricted and pain free movement of the hip and legs.

Sports that benefit from the hip stretches include:

Cycling; Hiking, Backpacking, Mountaineering and Orienteering;

Ice hockey and Field hockey; Ice Skating, Roller Skating and Inline Skating; Martial Arts; Rowing, Canoeing and Kayaking; Running, Track and Cross Country;

Running sports like Football, Soccer, Gridiron and Rugby; Snow Skiing and Water Skiing; Walking and Race Walking.

Executives and managers and service workers benefit from stretch and opening your hips because it these exercises open up the pelvic floor and stabilize weak muscles of the legs and back to allow you to have a more balanced confident perspective on how to work and speak from your heart.

For free stretching videos click here:

If your health is compromised, please check with your health practitioner before doing any new exercise program.


Thanks to Brad Walker and Injury Fix for this great way to improve your flexibility, reduce your stress, pain and overwhelm.

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Relax your neck

Get up and stretch to think clearly and breathe easier. Do these gentle techniques to relax and take a short “Time for Me” during the day or before bedtime.
Using these simple stretches from Brad Walker of formerly called the Stretching Institute your neck will relax and upper body stress will decrease.

Have a great time on Relaxation Island© .
Always check with your health professional before starting any new exercises.


Thanks to Brad Walker and for helping our RI members free their necks so they can think and feel healthier, more confident and help others more effectively when they practice this exercise routine daily.

Want your body to breathe easier and reduce stress and strain? Check out the video and stretching manual .


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Dance through China

Let’s move it on Relaxation Island today.

The music has such a good beat. Get up and shake and stretch your body to the beat.

Don’t forget to breathe deeply while you do it to it!

You might want to look at the video once and then get into the music.

When we focus on staying in sync with the music our body and brain can move the oxygen around so our focus, energy and life improves.  Send me your video of  how you are “China dancing” on Relaxation Island©. We’ll put it up (Keep it PG of course.)

Caution check with your health practitioner to make sure you are health enough for this movement-please!


Video thanks to Youtube

Music thanks to “On Top Of The World” by Imagine Dragons

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Experience the world’s Sunsets from Relaxation Island


Unwind and be grateful for all the beauty around us. Lay back and know that with each quiet deep breath you are experiencing the incredible beauty of the Eternal Artist.

Take life one beautiful moment at a time.

Thanks to and Zofia Kucharska

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Overwhelm takes on the holiday demons

You can be confident and healthier through the holidays, if you know how to decrease binge and insecurity eating before those parties are here.  8658790_lSign Up, Free Training

Check out my friend Dr. Gail who struggled with her weight. but learned how to take it off and keep it off.

Join us as we get great tips on ” Caring For Yourself This Holiday Season

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