Simply – roll your shoulders

Conscious Freedom

Let’s begin with the shoulders. freedom

Let the shoulders drop into a comfortable position.

Be aware of how you position your shoulders.

We tend to roll our shoulders forward when we focus on a cell phone, work at a desk, do crafts, bike ride, eat or are in a state of shock by a loud noise or trauma.

When we roll the shoulders forward, we constrict our breathing, decreasing the flow of oxygen and blood flow around our entire head and body. Slumping the shoulders, can begin a life time of  troubles with posture, emotional and body stress and strains. by causing more stress on our physical and emotional systems.

When we reverse the roll, it opens our chest so we can clear our lungs and breathe deeper. It creates space to release stuck emotions and gas.

Take a little time and consciously keep those  shoulders moving forward and backwards often throughout the day.

Stop and relax your mind and body.

Let yourself  belly breath and  you will feel like you are living a Relaxation Island© Experience. 


The Inner Zone

“The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.”  Dalai Lama
What is inside with be reflected outside.Lava

If your inner frustrations, anger, fear or anxiety are bubbling in the Inner Zone, under the surface, it keeps you in a agitated state, never relaxed or peaceful. These emotional states cause us to react to a challenging situation not act.

Action Reaction Buttons Show Control Or EffectStop before you act out.

Breathe deeply.

Listen closely.

There is a criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are doing are right for you. The criterion is: Have they brought you inner peace? – Peace Pilgrim

Quotes from

How evolved are your brain/innersensory skills ?

Where are your ability to problem solve and live in happiness on the evolutionary scale?

Stage 1. Reaction Level 1: For billions of years the basis for brain’s reaction/response system continues to evolve. Even the one -cell animals had a developed ways to react to changes in their environment.

Stage 2.Reaction Level 2. Do you just keep pushing/pulling to get ahead? DNA and inner cell signaling: About 2 billion years ago single cell animals began forming a center for direction of duplicating information and sending out electro-chemical signals as a feedback system while they swam to find their way.

Stage 3. Expanded skills, awareness & protection of community Do you Modern Nervous System Integrated purposeful movement: 600 million years ago the first modern nervous systems, but with the modern fish the first internal brain and spinal column developed. These animals could feed and protect their young, reproduce sexually and defend their own.

Stage 4. Increasing awareness that there is more to life? About 550 millions years ago, the brain game took a quantum integration step forward with Human Brain the frontal( fore) brain for more integrated thinking coming into play.

Stage 5. Altruism or man seeking deeper meaning, peace and happiness grows, but path to develop necessary for world wide acceptance not clear.  Humans are babies in this complex forebrain/limbic lobe processing abilities.(1)

Only over the last 20 years  has man learned that other animals beside himself like birds and dolphins and plants are able of processing complex information and find solutions to problems and live in direct communication with others of their kind.

Goal: to learn how to handle challenges in a focused, calm manner, not simple react to situations. These skills are crucial for world health and peace.prospective.

Heart Star circleSo I  invite you  to join me to learn how to use more effectively our natural gifts and intelligence for the greater good.

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References1. J. Baird and L. Nadel “Happiness Genes”New Page Books

Ready to go for it?


Winner Of Race 3d Character Shows VictoryTo be or not to be


  Ready to go for it?



Let go and let your heart do it!



Can we promise each other that beginning now:

Promise me when you are sad, anxious, overloaded, tired

  • You will stop

  • and take a few deep belly breaths.

then write down the changes you notice.

Please send me a note about your wins and changes.    – Thank you!!  1514-decorative-flourish-heart-1013tm-mix


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