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The Secret to a great day

If you begin each day with this feeling, you will have the best day of your life.
Before thinking look at the sky or into the eyes of your child or pet your dog and begin to feel gratitude for all the beauty in nature, the smile on someone’s face you’ve experienced or even give someone a hug and be grateful.


Gratitude to Louie Schwartzberg and TEDxSF for the breath taking beauty,inspiration and dedication to his work.

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“Are you using your IGS to score big?”

Often times when I meet someone  for the first time, I get an instant sense of how receptive to doing things in a different way they are. People will ask what I do for a living. I ask them “Can you remember a time when you felt stuck or in pain and didn’t know how to resolve the situation?” I see and sense how immediately they recall the past hurt or confusion return. Then saw that’s what I help people release quickly those old feelings and pain.

The first reaction is caution, but curiosity compels most to ask “How do you do that?”

My response is “I help you release and reset your feelings while you relax.”

Then they either allow the inner voice to continue questioning or quickly say “That’s nice.” and leave quickly.

What has happened here? Their rational mind got into a power struggle with their inner guidance system or intuition.

The brain saying ” ridiculous and pushed away or ignore the thought or feeling.”

Are you ready to score?
Are you ready to score?

The intuition says “Check it out.  Maybe this old hurt and feeling could go away.”

Are you ready to train yourself to score and succeed?

If you leave and don’t act on that inner urge to know more, you do so at own peril.  When you ignore all messages from your inner guidance system (IGS), your ability to Know how to respond in challenging or fearful situations gets weaker.

Will you choose to score more and more goals and succeed?


Want to learn more about honing up your Inner Guidance System (IGS) ?  Click here.


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“Gone- confusion, sleeplessness and feeling stuck”

Join Aprille and Mary Wolken PhD tomorrow Sat. 11 at 9 AM MST to learn about this amazing new system to quickly release and reset old pain and hurt. Free yourself to succeed and be happy.

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“Did you pass the pressure test in 2013?”

Join me on January 17 or 18, 2014

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“Step out of  Pain into Success” online interactive seminar

Did you push through, never balancing time for yourself, loved ones, work and play in 2013?

Did you work even when you were too sick or tired to think straight?

Did the demands to make it better, finish it overtake you like a huge wave on the ocean not leaving much room to breathe?

If you have answered YES to the above questions, then you have passed the pressure test, but failed at creating a healthy  lifestyle that would support your long term success in life.

Never pass the pressure test again

To reduce your overload and pain, join me on January 17 or 18 to find out how you can unwind your stress before it unwinds you. Learn quick easy solutions to build health and success in 2014.

Join me on January 17 and 18, 2014.“Step out of  Pain into Success” online interactive seminar

Mary Wolken PhD helps people, like yourself reduce pain and increase their healthy and success for 43 years naturally without drugs. Mary trains nurses, educators and families to assess, manage stress and move towards healthier lifestyle choices.

Unhappiness and overload creates unmotivated and sick people .

If you are saying “I’m so ready to make my life fun and less pressured in the New Year, I’ll do what ever it takes to make my life worth living again.

I don’t want to just handle “it” . I want to succeed and be free of   “it”.

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Join me on Friday January 17  at 5 PM MST


Saturday 18, 2014 at 10 AM MST  “Step out of  Pain into Success”  online interactive seminar.




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“Do you suffer from the pain in the butt syndrome?”

Get quick relief for the “pain in the butt” syndrome.

Do you sit too much and feel like you have pain or discomfort in your lower buttock, leg or foot?

When you sit for a period of time do you get pain in your butt, leg and/or foot?

Here’s how to reduce the stress on the piriformis and other pelvic floor muscles.

First you need to loosen up the large muscle groups around the piriformis muscle.

Here’s 2 stretches for the quads and buttocks to get you started. Once you’ve done these general stretches a 5 to 20 times then work on slowly adding the other related muscle group stretches for the quads, lower back, hamstrings and buttocks.



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Step up out of pain to Success

Want more information on other quick ways to reduce or eliminate muscle tightness or pain?

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See you on the flip side soon.  Step up out of pain to Success