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Want to earn more work less?

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February 5, 2014

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You’ll get the 25 hottest tips to create an Irresistible Lifestyle Business you love – and how to make $100,000’s with fun, ease and lots of free time.

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“What’s eating you?”

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January 8, 2014

Are your fears and worries eating away at your success?


hungry angry lion

Stop those wheels of indecision and anxiety from eating you alive.

Quit ignoring or blocking what your body and spirit is trying to tell you.

If you are ready to stop just handle “it”, and want to be free of   “it”.

Take the first step now

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“Step out of Pain into Success” Mary Wolken PhD. For a complimentary online  inter-active seminar.

Mary Wolken PhD.  Director of “Step out of Pain into Success”

I help those spinning their wheels in pain and frustration; hit the re-set button so they refocus,

“Give yourself permission” Day 1 Step into success

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January 7, 2014

How many times have you told yourself “nothing ever changes I want … , but ?

Maybe the results are not what you wish, because you have a hidden persuader than drains the success pot before it gets full.

Let’s be quiet with ourselves for a moment and see yourself with the change you want.

Permission to  Access
Permission to Access

Then here is the secret: give yourself permission to take one small step each day toward that goal.

Here’s a secret 1 Day 1 Step into success permission to change: 

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“Step out of pain into Success

“Overwhelm squeezes you”

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September 15, 2013



Designing Your Dream Life

Do you realize that ignoring overwhelm can kill you?

Yes, continuous excessive stuffed pressure, pain, deep constricted emotions and life’s demands will drain your energy and eventually surface in emotional outbursts, illness.

feeling stuck in the muck or severe diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, celiac, digestive, kidney and gall bladder problems to name a few.


There are no physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problem not linked to stress. Work stress tops the list for the leading cause of workers’ unhappiness, lack of motivation and time off.

Listen to Mary Wolken interview on stress in the workplace  on Fri 9/20/13

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