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Resetting Shock to relieve Trauma -Part 1

Resetting shock to relieved trauma

Your body is made up of layers of energy. They are arranged in the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and sub-levels of neurochemical and electro-chemical messaging systems.

Any sudden dramatic change to the body’s energy systems can cause the physical and emotional from a sudden car accident, unexpected death of a loved one, surgery, becoming a victim of a violent crime or abuse or war. Sudden illness or crisis can cause immediate changes and sometimes hard to understand shifts.

These shifts can be seen in moodiness, energy drain, overreacting, inability to think clearly or process normally, lack of concentration, memory loss, sleeplessness, pain shifts, inability to cope with daily challenges and changes in how much we eat etc.

How can you help yourself and your children after you have survived a life-changing event?

All of these changes both seen and internal are normal responses to a life-changing event.  Do you have to suffer and put up or simply endure the suffering and pain for the rest of y9our life and simply suck it up and try to move on?  NO NO NO!!!

First, See you doctor and get the medical attention needed. Then learn to reduce the anxiety, stress and pain. The shock will continue to deepen and more trauma unfolds if you do not help yourself.

Would You like to remove the lingering effects of shock from your body or help your child recover?   

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